risk-free rate

Investor Facts: What Is The Risk-Free Rate?

The risk-free rate is the rate of return on an investment that carries no risk of loss. Every investment carries with it some level of risk. Nevertheless, investment managers often … Read more

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save more

Save More By Killing One Big Debt

Everyone knows the feeling: Rushing toward the end of the month and hoping the bills get paid. Unless you’re financially independent, it’s a normal pattern even at high income levels. … Read more

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average savings

Do You Have Average Savings, Or Better?

Average savings numbers can be misleading, to say the least. Consider this thought experiment. Five people are standing in a room and Bill Gates walks in. Before, the average savings … Read more

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what is yield

Investing Basics: What Is Yield?

Investing for the long term, particularly for retirement, seems to be a game of buying low and selling high — and it is. Stocks you buy today should be worth much … Read more

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do i need an advisor

Investing Basics: Do I Need An Advisor?

Investment advice comes in many forms, with many purposes. Some of it is about budgeting, insurance and spending, some about actual investing for retirement. But take a step back. Does … Read more

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financial fitness

Take An Easy Financial Fitness Quiz

You sweat the extra pounds, eat around the calorie-filled holidays, even time your steps with a newfangled fitness watch. But are you financially fit? Your financial fitness is not as simple as … Read more

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Retirement: Is Your Glass Half-Full?

One of the fundamental premises of retirement saving is prudent compounding. Now, before your eyes glaze over completely, consider two perspectives: Sally is 26 and has saved about $10,000 for … Read more

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buffett latest

Warren Buffett Latest: All You Need To Know

The billionaire investor Warren Buffet released his latest annual letter to shareholders this past week, and it was a doozy. The letter was full of optimism, a call to investors to … Read more

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dividend yield

Investing Basics: What Is Dividend Yield

Retirement portfolios make money for you a number of ways. Of course, they hold stocks, which can rise in value and be sold at a profit. They also hold bonds, … Read more

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save before you invest

Save Before You Invest…Then Invest!

A new survey by Bankrate.com shows that many of us couldn’t come up with enough money to pay an emergency room bill or keep a car running, and that we’d likely … Read more

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