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Take This Quick Financial Savvy Quiz

Retiring on time is no accident. It’s the work of long-term thinking and careful planning, whether you go about it on your own or hire an advisor to help out. … Read more

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free money for retirement

5 Ways To Pick Up Free Money For Retirement

I was fascinated to read a recent piece about Boeing employees. For reasons known only to them, tens of thousands of the aircraft maker’s workers opted out of a free … Read more

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retirement age

An Easy Way To Pick Your Retirement Age

If you ask working folks when they expect to retire, the typical answer for most is “65, I think.” Pressed, they might say “70, I hope.” The fact is they don’t … Read more

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retirement mistake

One Retirement Mistake You Can’t Make

Saving  for retirement is hard work. It involves sacrifice and dedication, a certain selflessness that few possess. Unless it doesn’t. You can make saving for retirement quite easy, even painless. … Read more

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financial advisor

When To Hire A Financial Advisor And Why

How often do you see a doctor? Once a year unless you’re sick, right? How about a dentist? Probably twice a year, unless you’re afraid of the dental chair. But … Read more

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retirement investing

Retirement Investing Should Be Easy

We have a lot of storied images of retirement. Lazy days playing golf or sunning, plenty of time to read or take walks. Probably the last thing we imagine ourselves … Read more

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Use Stocks To Defend Your Retirement

If you’ve ever picked up a personal finance book, you’ve probably run into this retirement investing maxim or one like it: “Own your age in bonds, own the difference in … Read more

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who needs a financial advisor

Quiz: Who Needs A Financial Advisor?

Investing on your own is easy, unless of course it’s incredibly hard. Some of us seem to have the “money gene” and some of us don’t. Which is not to say … Read more

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on track for retirement

Stay On Track For Retirement The Easy Way

The big question hanging over the heads of most everyone over 40 is: “Will I ever retire?” An alarming number of people seem set on the notion that retirement will … Read more

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investment idea

A Simple Test For Any New Investment Idea

Whenever you meet new people, instead of asking the typical “What do you do” question, turn it around. Ask instead, “What do you tell your parents that you do?” This always … Read more

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