retirement investing

Retirement Investing Should Be Easy

We have a lot of storied images of retirement. Lazy days playing golf or sunning, plenty of time to read or take walks. Probably the last thing we imagine ourselves … Read more

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Use Stocks To Defend Your Retirement

If you’ve ever picked up a personal finance book, you’ve probably run into this retirement investing maxim or one like it: “Own your age in bonds, own the difference in … Read more

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who needs a financial advisor

Quiz: Who Needs A Financial Advisor?

Investing on your own is easy, unless of course it’s incredibly hard. Some of us seem to have the “money gene” and some of us don’t. Which is not to say … Read more

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on track for retirement

Stay On Track For Retirement The Easy Way

The big question hanging over the heads of most everyone over 40 is: “Will I ever retire?” An alarming number of people seem set on the notion that retirement will … Read more

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investment idea

A Simple Test For Any New Investment Idea

Whenever you meet new people, instead of asking the typical “What do you do” question, turn it around. Ask instead, “What do you tell your parents that you do?” This always … Read more

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which financial advisor

Which Financial Advisor Is Right For You?

Investing for retirement is an understandably difficult topic for many people. There’s a lot of arcane detail involved, and for some just thinking about money induces snores. Yet you know it’s … Read more

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target-date funds

What Is A Target-Date Fund? Investing Basics

Increasingly, workers trying to save for retirement in 401(k) plans are offered target-date funds. In some cases, such funds are automatically chosen for them, along with minimum contribution levels. Such … Read more

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compound interest

Compound Interest: Grow Your Retirement Lily Pads

Compound interest is one of the trickier concepts in retirement investing. People profess to understand it but often fail to grasp the real investing power behind the math. It’s not as … Read more

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traditional ira

What Is A Traditional IRA? Investing Basics

The short and sweet answer is that an IRA is an individual retirement account. What throws people, sometimes, is that an IRA is often better described by what it’s not. It’s not … Read more

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How Rebalancing Puts Cash In Your Pockets

Most people understand pretty well how investing works, or at least they think they do. Buy low, sell high, right? And that’s true — over the long run of an … Read more

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