debt reduction

What’s The Best Way To Reduce Debt Quickly?

Carrying debt, particularly high-interest debt such as on a credit-card, is no way to build a solid financial life. You must reduce debt quickly to even get started. The problem … Read more

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Should You Worry About Rising Interest Rates?

Chances are  you’ve been hearing a lot recently about interest rates: They’re on the rise, and that might be bad. As with anything economics-related, the answer is never as simple … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is Beta?

Beta is a measurement of an investment’s volatility compared to similar investments, such as a market index average. Investors and traders often talk about the “alpha” and the “beta” of … Read more

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Would You Recognize A Bubble Before It Popped?

Robert Shiller, the Yale professor best known for predicting the dot-com crash and the later housing debacle, just called bitcoin a bubble. Not sure what bitcoin is? You’re not alone. … Read more

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bad news

Staying The Course When Bad News Strikes

The list of market crashes in the United States along is long and sobering. These include, just picking the highlights: 2010 Flash Crash 2007-2008 Financial Crisis Sept. 11 Aftermath 2000 … Read more

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savings habits

3 Savings Habits Can Change Your Life

Why do some people seem so capable of saving for the long-term, while others struggle? Is it in your DNA, your upbringing, or something else? Your demeanor is a big … Read more

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make money work

Don’t Work For Money, Make Money Work For You!

Most people have money in wallets, in bank accounts, in retirement investment plans. We have a lifelong relationship — at times strong, at time strained — with little green pieces of … Read more

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retirement investor

What Kind Of Retirement Investor Are You?

We all have different approaches to money, understandably so. A lot of it has to do with who your parents are and how you are raised. Depression-era folks are famously … Read more

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black friday

Learn From Black Friday For Retirement

Retailers have built up Black Friday as a shopping holiday for a good reason: It’s traditionally the date that stores expect to be “in the black,” that is, profitable for the … Read more

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worry about the fed

Should You Worry About The Fed?

If you’ve been paying attention to the financial news, even in passing, you’ve probably heard a lot of chatter about the Federal Reserve, aka, “the Fed.” Your understanding of the … Read more

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