How Long Do Bull Markets Last, Really?

Stocks keep going up and up. How long can that last? First, some terms. One popular rule of thumb is that a bear market is a decline of more than … Read more

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What Happens If The Federal Reserve ‘Tapers’ Its Support?

As kids go back to school and the temperatures turn cooler, it’s possible that the financial news headlines will heat up. Case in point: The Federal Reserve. A lot of … Read more

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What Does Inflation Mean for My Investments?

The good news is actually great. Vaccines are being delivered and millions of Americans are on their way toward full protection from Covid-19. That means the economy will get back … Read more

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Should I Worry About the GameStop Stock Debacle?

It’s not often that ordinary people pay close attention to a stock market story. Most folks put money into a 401(k) or IRA and only think about it when tax … Read more

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debt reduction

What’s The Best Way To Reduce Debt Quickly?

Carrying debt, particularly high-interest debt such as on a credit-card, is no way to build a solid financial life. You must reduce debt quickly to even get started. The problem … Read more

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Should You Worry About Rising Interest Rates?

Chances are  you’ve been hearing a lot recently about interest rates: They’re on the rise, and that might be bad. As with anything economics-related, the answer is never as simple … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is Beta?

Beta is a measurement of an investment’s volatility compared to similar investments, such as a market index average. Investors and traders often talk about the “alpha” and the “beta” of … Read more

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Would You Recognize A Bubble Before It Popped?

Robert Shiller, the Yale professor best known for predicting the dot-com crash and the later housing debacle, just called bitcoin a bubble. Not sure what bitcoin is? You’re not alone. … Read more

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bad news

Staying The Course When Bad News Strikes

The list of market crashes in the United States along is long and sobering. These include, just picking the highlights: 2010 Flash Crash 2007-2008 Financial Crisis Sept. 11 Aftermath 2000 … Read more

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savings habits

3 Savings Habits Can Change Your Life

Why do some people seem so capable of saving for the long-term, while others struggle? Is it in your DNA, your upbringing, or something else? Your demeanor is a big … Read more

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