Has The Stock Market Created A Risk Problem In Your Portfolio?

You hear a lot of rules of thumb on asset allocation. “Own your age in bonds” and similar ideas, usually meant to lower your risk from a sharp move downward … Read more

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money makes money

Retirement: 5 Ways Money Makes Money

Saving for retirement is hard work, especially starting out. It’s no picnic to sock money away you might spend instead. But you have to do it, and the earlier the … Read more

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asset allocation for retirement

Asset Allocation For Retirement

The U.S. government recently issued guidelines for the ownership of annuities in 401(k) plans, patching what had been a big hole in many workplace retirement offerings: How to secure an … Read more

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how to retire on time

How To Retire On Time With No Worries

Frankly speaking, the biggest advantage of any single investor is time. How big an advantage? Big enough to allow an ordinary saver to retire well with no worries. That’s not … Read more

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Sell in May and the London whale

I was in a great debate with a mathematician who builds algorithms for a multibillion-dollar hedge fund. He was adamant that his market timing and stock picking algorithms did better than … Read more

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How to Inflation Proof Your Portfolio With ETFs

Inflation is a sneaky pickpocket that slinks into your wallet in the form of higher prices on food, gas and other necessities, quietly robbing you of wealth. It’s the invisible … Read more

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Peas and Portfolio Rebalancing

As a young child I had an ongoing battle with my mother over eating my peas. It may have related to the fact that the peas she served came from … Read more

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How To Not Check Your Retirement Portfolio

There are different types of retirement investors and ultimately, different approaches to growing your money. Some investors play the high stakes game of competing against the market itself. These investors … Read more

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Rebalancing – How the Pros Make More Money Than You

We were honored that Rob Silverblatt at U.S. News & World Report listened to us and rigorously dug deep with us into the powerful secret of event based rebalancing over … Read more

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Asset Allocation and Portfolio Rebalancing Paid Off

As you review your returns for the last year, and possibly the last decade, you may agree that retirement investing was dealt a hard blow; what you may not be … Read more

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