stock market panic

How To Prosper In A Stock Market Panic

The stock market panic of 2007 and 2008 was epic, truly a stunning fall. And we’ve almost completely forgotten about it. And that’s pretty much normal. Investors are an optimistic … Read more

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building a portfolio

Investing Basics: Building A Portfolio

Retirement investors often hear that they should build a portfolio, rather than picking stocks based on tips and gut feelings. Easy to say and, for a long time, it was hard … Read more

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foreign stocks

Invest In Foreign Stocks Like John Templeton

A hundred years ago, almost nobody invested outside their own country. Even 50 years ago, investing in Europe was a mission for the brave and, possibly, only those with local know-how. John Templeton, the … Read more

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best investments

Best Investments For Mid-Career Workers

The investing advice you hear tends to come in two flavors: total beginner or nearly retired. If you are young, say in your 20s, you should be heavy stocks and light on bonds, some … Read more

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how to invest

How To Invest In U.S. Bonds

U.S. bond investing has a reputation for being arcane, and understandably so. Where things get confusing for many investors is bond risk. While a U.S. bond is extremely likely to be repaid with … Read more

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How to Invest in U.S. Stocks

One of the fundamental building blocks of an investment portfolio, without a doubt, is stocks, particularly the stocks of U.S. corporations. Research has show that stocks offer a long-term hedge against inflation that’s hard to replicate … Read more

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how to invest in foreign bonds

How to Invest In Foreign Bonds

If you want a truly spine-tingling investment ride, you likely could do no better than foreign government bonds, also known as “sovereigns.” The risks are multiple: Beside the typical risks of bonds, … Read more

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best investments

Best Investments For Novice Investors

For many people, the first step is the hardest. As a result, the novice saver and investor ends up being in cash. And that’s where they stick, for years. The … Read more

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How to Invest In Emerging Markets

If you’ve been investing at all in the past 10 years, chances are you’ve heard someone say the “emerging markets” are a good investment bet. And that’s largely true, with some caveats. Like … Read more

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safe investments with high returns

Safe Investments With High Returns Demystified

You don’t have to flip through many channels on cable TV or click on more than a few Internet pages to find ads touting safe investments with high returns. It’s investment nirvana, … Read more

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