Is Your Retirement Set to ‘Glide’ Toward Success?

The financial advising business is chock full of jargon and catch-phrases, some more useful than others. One that attempts to clarify matters is the common term “glide path.” It’s a … Read more

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Is Bitcoin Actually Investable Now?

Big Wall Street banks have made waves in the financial media of late by starting to offer cryptocurrency to their clients. Chief among these has been Bitcoin, the digital currency … Read more

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Investment Mistakes to Avoid: Calendar Year Accounting of Returns

The end of a year is a fine time to take stock of your life. Was it a good year (2020, ugh…) or could things have gone better? That’s where … Read more

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asymmetric investing

Investing Long-term For Low Interest Rates

If you look at the long-term view on U.S. interest rates an interesting pattern appears: Virtually zero interest rates are essentially unknown from 1954 through 2009. In fact, the most … Read more

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Stressed by the Markets? Keep More Cash On Hand

Whether this is your first bear market or your fifth (who’s counting?), it can be very stressful to watch your retirement plan balance drop like a rock in a week … Read more

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Stocks Are Bouncing Around, So What Should You Do Now?

The headlines range from mildly frightening to downright gruesome. Stocks drop hundreds of points in the morning just to rise back up by afternoon. Words like “crash” and “recession” tumble … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is A Load?

A load in the investment sense is a charge an investor pays when buying a financial product, usually as a mutual fund. Mutual fund providers rely on salespersons to attract … Read more

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municipal bonds

Investor Facts: What Are Municipal Bonds?

When cities and counties need to raise money to build schools or fix roads, they issue debt. That’s a municipal bond. A municipal bond is not that different from a … Read more

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What Happens If We Enter a Bear Market in Stocks?

After years of steady climbing, the U.S. stock market seems to have hit a temporary peak. Stocks on the major indices have fallen by hundreds of points and recently erased … Read more

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interest rate risk

Investor Facts: What Is Interest Rate Risk?

Interest rate risk is an idea that many investors find mystifying. Bonds pay an interest rate, or yield. It’s often fairly low but the money is typically considered safer than … Read more

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