Bitcoin Might End Up In Your Portfolio…Someday

It has been hard to miss headlines about Bitcoin, an electronic form of money that has zoomed in value in recent months. The widely misunderstood alternative currency is not a … Read more

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Has The Stock Market Created A Risk Problem In Your Portfolio?

You hear a lot of rules of thumb on asset allocation. “Own your age in bonds” and similar ideas, usually meant to lower your risk from a sharp move downward … Read more

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permanent portfolio

Why You Need A Permanent Investment Portfolio

Investors often are tempted to change their investments over time, to sell one stock in favor of another or to choose one type of income investment over another. Why not … Read more

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index funds

Index Funds For Long Run Investing

If you listen to the investment gurus, they’ll tell you buy index funds and forget it. You’ll come out ahead, they say, because index funds are cheap. But what about … Read more

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stock market

Can The Stock Market Keep Going Up?

Inevitably, as a long bull market for stocks grinds on, investors begin to wonder: How long will it last? A bull market is usually defined not by a specific time … Read more

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blue chip

Investor Facts: What Is A Blue Chip Stock?

A blue chip stock is one that is recognized by investors as likely to withstand a changing economy. “Blue chip” describes a stock investment in a large company with steady … Read more

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stock market top

Is A Stock Market Top Near? Hardly…

If you’ve ever hiked up a mountain you know how elusive the summit can be. As you rise to a high point it seems like the peak, the end of … Read more

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investing guesswork

Investing Guesswork, Here’s What To Do About It

If you ask a a high school student today what they want to do for a living, you’ll probably get a shrug and a smile. And that’s okay. Career planning … Read more

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Contrarian Investing Can Be Simple

One word you sometimes hear people use is “contrarian” investing. There’s something very appealing about it, the allure of insider information and being right when others are wrong. It’s also a … Read more

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Cash Is Not An Investment, Nor Is Your Home

An amazing number of Americans — 54 million — think of real estate and cash as their top two choices for long-term investments, that is, for longer than 10 years. The … Read more

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