blue chip

Investor Facts: What Is A Blue Chip Stock?

A blue chip stock is one that is recognized by investors as likely to withstand a changing economy. “Blue chip” describes a stock investment in a large company with steady … Read more

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stock market top

Is A Stock Market Top Near? Hardly…

If you’ve ever hiked up a mountain you know how elusive the summit can be. As you rise to a high point it seems like the peak, the end of … Read more

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investing guesswork

Investing Guesswork, Here’s What To Do About It

If you ask a a high school student today what they want to do for a living, you’ll probably get a shrug and a smile. And that’s okay. Career planning … Read more

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contrarian investing

Contrarian Investing Can Be Simple

One word you sometimes hear people use is “contrarian” investing. There’s something very appealing about it, the allure of insider information and being right when others are wrong. It’s also a … Read more

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Cash Is Not An Investment, Nor Is Your Home

An amazing number of Americans — 54 million — think of real estate and cash as their top two choices for long-term investments, that is, for longer than 10 years. The … Read more

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Investing Basics: Diversification For Dummies

Surely you remember the “Dummies” series of self-help books. They had bright yellow-and-black covers and offered to explain complex ideas in simple terms. “A reference for the rest of us!” … Read more

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investment failures

Why Investment Failures Are So Important

A Princeton professor has made waves online by publishing his own resume of failures — grants he did not get, schools that turned him down. He’s not the first academic … Read more

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what is inflation

Investing Basics: What Is Inflation?

Inflation, a good thing or a bad thing? The answer, strangely enough, is “both” and how you react to inflation can deeply affect your retirement investment planning. First of all, … Read more

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worry about higher interest rates

Should You Worry About Higher Interest Rates?

Everyone seems to know that interest rates will move higher at some point. But nobody seems to know when. The first argument — that interest rates will go up — is … Read more

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jim cramer

Did Jim Cramer Really Goof Up? Or Not?

A story popular on the Internet this week tries to make the case that the CNBC host Jim Cramer gave out terrible advice when he picked 49 stocks about six … Read more

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