Basics: When ETFs Beat Index Funds

It’s a bit of inside baseball in the money management world, but some advisors lean toward using index funds for their clients and some prefer exchange-traded funds (ETFs). We use … Read more

Posted on February 6, 2015 by
etf portfolio

2014: A Case For ETF Portfolio Investing

Now that the year is behind us and we have some nice round numbers, it’s a good time to look back and understand how building an ETF portfolio really works. … Read more

Posted on January 1, 2015 by
match the market

Stocks: Did You Match The Market This Year?

The end of 2014 is closing in rapidly and it’s beginning to look like another double-digit year for the broad index of stocks known as the S&P 500. At this writing, the … Read more

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Morningstar: ETFs Should Be In Your 401(k)

If the rap on actively managed mutual funds is that they are expensive, inefficient and fail to keep up (mostly) with their benchmarks, what’s the natural solution? For years, it … Read more

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etfs for retirement

Finding The Right ETFs For Retirement

The boom in exchange-traded funds, known as ETFs, has been unrelenting. At this writing, the number of investable U.S.-listed ETFs comes to 1,597. That’s pretty amazing growth, considering that just 20 years ago there … Read more

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5 Big Investing Costs And How To Lower Them

A major drag on investment returns is fees, the costs you pay for investment help in various forms. Some of them you probably know about, but some are much less … Read more

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target-date retirement funds

Understanding Target-Date Retirement Funds

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to successful retirement is saving enough and investing well. Retirement companies and workplace 401(k) plans have attempted to tackle that by harnessing the strongest force in human history … Read more

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Investing Basics: Why Use ETF Funds

The ETF industry has exploded in recent years, that’s for sure. In the early 1990s there were only a small handful and almost nobody used them. By one recent count, … Read more

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Investing Basics: Index Funds

Consider the problem facing most retail investors. They have to buy a company, hopefully at a price lower than the firm’s value, then sell it at some future date to … Read more

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Best Investments For Stock Market Doubters

Last year was a great year for U.S. stocks, among the best investments one could have made, up about 30% over 12 months. The year 2013 was great, but not the best … Read more

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