price target

Investor Facts: What Is A Price Target?

A price target is the price that a stock analyst believes that a given share will reach in a specified period of time. If the stock reaches that price, it … Read more

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What Is The Best Age To Claim Social Security?

By one estimate, 10,000 Americans a day turn 65, a trend that will continue for more than a decade to come. So what is the best age to claim Social … Read more

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what is a recession

Investor Facts: What Is A Recession?

Investors often try to project the arrival of the next recession, fearing its effects on the stock market. But what is a recession? Plainly put, it’s a slowdown in economic … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is A Load?

A load in the investment sense is a charge an investor pays when buying a financial product, usually as a mutual fund. Mutual fund providers rely on salespersons to attract … Read more

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what is volatility

Volatility Can Be An Investor’s Best Friend

A thousands points up one day, a thousand points down the next. The return of volatility to the major U.S. stock indexes is unnerving for sure. But that doesn’t mean … Read more

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insider trading

Investor Facts: What Is Insider Trading?

Insider trading is when someone with corporate information not yet known by the public trades a stock on the basis of that knowledge. Officers, directors and company employees often have … Read more

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3 Money New Year’s Resolutions Anyone Can Keep

A year ends, another begins, and everyone tries to set off on the right foot with resolutions to get fit, save more, and spend more time with loved ones. We … Read more

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municipal bonds

Investor Facts: What Are Municipal Bonds?

When cities and counties need to raise money to build schools or fix roads, they issue debt. That’s a municipal bond. A municipal bond is not that different from a … Read more

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Is Financial Planning Even Worth Your Time? Absolutely

A lot of folks confuse financial planning with financial worrying. They believe that watching the stock market rise and fall, or obsessing about a stock that someone else has bought … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is APR?

If you take out a loan for a new home or car or decide to open a new credit card, you likely have run into APR, which stands for annual … Read more

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