P/E Ratio

Investor Facts: What Is A P/E Ratio?

Stock investors are generally after one thing — a rising stock price. The P/E ratio of a stock doesn’t guarantee a higher price, but it can be a way to … Read more

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No Emergency Fund? How to Get Started

­An emergency fund is one of those fundamental things in personal finance we all agree is important but rarely follow through on doing. There’s always something more pressing. Bills, car … Read more

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russell 2000

Investor Basics: What Is The Russell 2000?

The Russell 2000 is an index of small-company stocks, associated with the ticker symbol RUT. An index is a list of stocks or other investments that are similar in size … Read more

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How to Check Out a Broker or Financial Advisor

It happens every few months. News breaks of a stock broker or financial advisor accused of bilking clients, taking money or otherwise being slippery with other people’s money. It’s important … Read more

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reinvested dividends

Investor Facts: What Are Reinvested Dividends

Reinvested dividends happen when an investor chooses to put income from an investment back into the same investment. This can be done manually but often it’s an automatic process. The … Read more

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Budgeting Too Hard? Try A Quarterly Debt Review Instead

Is budgeting too hard for you? You’ve heard the preaching from personal finance gurus, chapter and verse: You have to have a budget. You must track every penny. What about … Read more

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price target

Investor Facts: What Is A Price Target?

A price target is the price that a stock analyst believes that a given share will reach in a specified period of time. If the stock reaches that price, it … Read more

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What Is The Best Age To Claim Social Security?

By one estimate, 10,000 Americans a day turn 65, a trend that will continue for more than a decade to come. So what is the best age to claim Social … Read more

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what is a recession

Investor Facts: What Is A Recession?

Investors often try to project the arrival of the next recession, fearing its effects on the stock market. But what is a recession? Plainly put, it’s a slowdown in economic … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is A Load?

A load in the investment sense is a charge an investor pays when buying a financial product, usually as a mutual fund. Mutual fund providers rely on salespersons to attract … Read more

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