uncertain times

How To Invest In Uncertain Times, Trump Edition

It has been pretty hard over the past week to ignore the headlines coming out of Washington. President Donald Trump seems to be a one-man news machine, whether via the … Read more

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Retirement Tax Moves You Probably Are Missing

It’s January, the beginning of tax season. Time to gather up your pay stubs and deductions and figure out if you owe money or can expect some back from Uncle … Read more

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social security

Do You Know What Social Security Pays?

Thinking about retirement begins for most people in their 40s or, perhaps, 50s. Yet investing and planning for your retirement has been under way far longer. You begin to save … Read more

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The Easiest Resolution You Will Ever Keep

Around this time of year you doubtlessly will find dozens of articles on line proposing resolutions for the New Year — how to lose weight, be active, read more, save … Read more

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risk-free rate

Investor Facts: What Is The Risk-Free Rate?

The risk-free rate is the rate of return on an investment that carries no risk of loss. Every investment carries with it some level of risk. Nevertheless, investment managers often … Read more

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save more

Save More By Killing One Big Debt

Everyone knows the feeling: Rushing toward the end of the month and hoping the bills get paid. Unless you’re financially independent, it’s a normal pattern even at high income levels. … Read more

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average savings

Do You Have Average Savings, Or Better?

Average savings numbers can be misleading, to say the least. Consider this thought experiment. Five people are standing in a room and Bill Gates walks in. Before, the average savings … Read more

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what is yield

Investing Basics: What Is Yield?

Investing for the long term, particularly for retirement, seems to be a game of buying low and selling high — and it is. Stocks you buy today should be worth much … Read more

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do i need an advisor

Investing Basics: Do I Need An Advisor?

Investment advice comes in many forms, with many purposes. Some of it is about budgeting, insurance and spending, some about actual investing for retirement. But take a step back. Does … Read more

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financial fitness

Take An Easy Financial Fitness Quiz

You sweat the extra pounds, eat around the calorie-filled holidays, even time your steps with a newfangled fitness watch. But are you financially fit? Your financial fitness is not as simple as … Read more

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