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Social Security’s Role In Your Retirement Plan

Could you live on Social Security? That seems to be a stock answer for many folks nearing retirement, and it’s a tremendously misguided view. According to the Social Security Administration’s … Read more

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3 Steps To Double Your Retirement Portfolio Safely

As May creeps toward us you will begin to hear traders talking about the “Halloween indicator” or using the phrase “Sell in May and go away.” Both adages refer to … Read more

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5 Retirement Busters And How To Manage Them

The great thing about retirement planning is that it can help you feel secure and ready for what’s next. The problem? It’s just a guess at best. You have to make assumptions to … Read more

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Debts That Can Kill Your Retirement Plan

Charles Dickens understood budgeting quite well. In David Copperfield, the character Mr. Micawber notes: “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, … Read more

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5 Unseen Risks Stalking Your Retirement

Retirement investors have a simple task: Compound their money steadily over decades at minimal risk. Easy, right? You’d be surprised. Many of us want the kind of sure-footed advice that will lead to … Read more

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3 Steps That Help You Retire ‘Inevitably Rich’

The idea of retiring from work is a relatively modern one, dating back to the middle of the 19th century. Most developed countries maintain a specific retirement “age,” usually the … Read more

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Lower Your Tax Bill for Life

With tax day just around the corner, you’re likely to run into a bevy on helpful online articles on how to reduce your tax bill before you file. Helpful stuff … Read more

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Buy A House Or Put More Into Retirement?

For most Americans, owning a home is the single biggest purchase and the single biggest investment in their lives. That first fact is perhaps unsurprising, but the second is truly … Read more

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Avoid These Investment Stumbling Blocks

Do you have enough saved up to retire? Are you even on track to attempt to retire one day? Saving is part of the problem, but so is investing. Retirement plans … Read more

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Ben Franklin’s Simple Tricks for Saving More

“A penny saved is a penny earned,” as Benjamin Franklin once put it. Or rather, did not. That’s a common modern understanding of Dr. Franklin’s advice from 1759. From a … Read more

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