Stocks Keep Rising, Should You Worry?

Remember riding waves at the beach as a kid? The water seemed so powerful, and every swell that pitched up offshore was “the big one,” the wave that was going … Read more

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start investing

Retirement: Stop Trading And Start Investing

What are you trying to accomplish as an investor, really? It could be the most important question you will ever ask yourself, at least it terms of your money. The … Read more

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It’s The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Investing Life

You know the old grade-school joke, I’m sure. “What day is it?” Answer: “The first day of the rest of your life.” Corny, I know, but thought-provoking as well. The … Read more

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ivy league investing

Retire On Time Using Ivy League Investing Smarts

If you have followed investing over the past 10 years or so, you’ve probably heard about the Ivy League approach to portfolio management. Truth be told, those high-end investment committees do some … Read more

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Investment Basics: First, Defeat Your Fears

What are we afraid of? Mostly, the unknown. Meeting new people, the dark, unexpected personal disasters. Once we get to know and understand something, often we learn to put that … Read more

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wall street

Snobby Clerks Sell More, Same As On Wall Street

A new study coming out from the Journal of Consumer Research makes the case that rude salespeople are better at moving luxury goods. Which makes a twisted kind of sense. After all, if you … Read more

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market decline

Be Ready For The Next Market Decline

It’s the stuff of nightmares for near-retirees: A sudden, dramatic plunge in the stock market, just months away from your last day at work. That happened to a lot of people … Read more

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index funds

Investing Basics: When ETFs Are Better Than Index Funds

As the offering of low-cost investment funds gets more and more competitive, confusion is bound to set in. Phrases such as “indexing” can get applied to funds and strategies that … Read more

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Investing For Retirement, What You Know Can Hurt You

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound? That fun thought experiment, one you likely heard as a kid, actually has … Read more

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retirement plan

The Case For Ignoring Your Retirement Plan

Ignorance is bliss, as the adage goes. But should you simply ignore your retirement plan investments? Probably, yes. There’s a lot to be said for being just informed enough about your retirement plan to … Read more

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