Indexing Is Powerful Investing, Here’s Why

One of the misconceptions people have about index investing is that the return of the stock market indexes is “average” and no better. Why would I want the market return, … Read more

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good retirement

Fearful Markets Make A Good Retirement

As the stock market bounces around in October, it’s common for retirement investors to suddenly focus  more intently on their portfolios. After all, a small percentage decline is big dollars … Read more

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Why Indexing Is Replacing Mutual Funds

In the early days of retail investing, buying stocks was hard. It took specialized knowledge. You had to know a licensed broker who worked at an exchange. Ordinary people just … Read more

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ignoring the market

The Hidden Virtues Of Ignoring The Market

Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. We are brought up to believe that succeeding at anything means paying a lot of attention. And that makes a lot of sense … Read more

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passive investing

5 Steps To Powerful Passive Investing

The first thing that comes to mind when people hear the phrase “passive investing” is probably real estate. Yet anyone who has ever owned a rental home or apartment knows … Read more

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Like Buffett, Pick Investments That Last Forever

Warren Buffett is famous for saying that his favorite holding period for stocks is “forever.” Like many of his quips, it’s good for a laugh but also contains a kernel … Read more

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Want Better Returns? Stop Trying So Hard

There’s a certain zen quality to investing that far too many people miss. That point was brought home recently in an exchange between two money observers on a Bloomberg Radio program. … Read more

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5 Things You Can Control In Investing

A lot about retirement investing can be depressing. Stocks rise, and we worry about when they will fall. Stocks fall, and we worry about when they might rise. It can … Read more

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passive investments

Why Money Is Pouring Into Passive Investments

The Wall Street Journal recently covered an interesting trend in investing: People are trying hard to not do it anymore. Which is not to say they aren’t trying to save … Read more

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Retirement Investing And Four-Letter Words

The four-letter word that comes to mind most quickly when one thinks of retirement investing is probably “save” followed quickly by “more.” But I have another word in mind — … Read more

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