who needs a financial advisor

Quiz: Who Needs A Financial Advisor?

Investing on your own is easy, unless of course it’s incredibly hard. Some of us seem to have the “money gene” and some of us don’t. Which is not to say … Read more

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Investing: Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

If you ask a typical retirement investor what concerns them most about investing, they’ll probably say, “Losing all my money.” And this kind of concern is not misplaced. But if … Read more

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Morningstar: ETFs Should Be In Your 401(k)

If the rap on actively managed mutual funds is that they are expensive, inefficient and fail to keep up (mostly) with their benchmarks, what’s the natural solution? For years, it … Read more

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on track for retirement

Stay On Track For Retirement The Easy Way

The big question hanging over the heads of most everyone over 40 is: “Will I ever retire?” An alarming number of people seem set on the notion that retirement will … Read more

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Diversification: Your Portfolio’s Superpower

If you’ve ever been a fan of comic books or the latest Hollywood-movie versions of those stories, you know how the standard superhero tale goes. He’s a normal enough guy (or … Read more

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investment idea

A Simple Test For Any New Investment Idea

Whenever you meet new people, instead of asking the typical “What do you do” question, turn it around. Ask instead, “What do you tell your parents that you do?” This always … Read more

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Like Buffett, Pick Investments That Last Forever

Warren Buffett is famous for saying that his favorite holding period for stocks is “forever.” Like many of his quips, it’s good for a laugh but also contains a kernel … Read more

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better returns

Want Better Returns? Stop Trying So Hard

There’s a certain zen quality to investing that far too many people miss. That point was brought home recently in an exchange between two money observers on a Bloomberg Radio program. … Read more

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which financial advisor

Which Financial Advisor Is Right For You?

Investing for retirement is an understandably difficult topic for many people. There’s a lot of arcane detail involved, and for some just thinking about money induces snores. Yet you know it’s … Read more

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retirement savings

Set Your Retirement Savings On ‘Snowball’

Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor, recently had a biography published entitled The Snowball: Warren Buffet and the Business of Life. The metaphorical title could not be a more apt description of Buffett’s financial … Read more

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