serious investors

Software Is Magic For Serious Investors

Every industry has a catchphrase that explains it all. For the tech business, one of the better quotes you hear is that “software is magic.” There’s a lot to unpack there, … Read more

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tax bracket

Investor Facts: What Is A Tax Bracket?

A tax bracket is a range of personal income subject to a federal or state tax rate. People often talk about their individual tax bracket, but the reality is a bit … Read more

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stocks peaked

Have Stocks Peaked At Last? Hardly

If you follow the financial news on websites or cable TV, it’s easy to run into the same argument over and over. Stocks peaked. Get out now while you can. … Read more

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required minimum distribution

Investor Facts: What Is A Required Minimum Distribution?

A required minimum distribution (RMD) is an annual taxable withdrawal from your retirement savings dictated by IRS regulation. When you open an individual retirement account (IRA), the money you place there … Read more

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stock indexes

Stock Indexes Set New Highs: What Now?

Summer is supposed to be the dead time for stocks, the doldrums. Everyone is on vacation, the theory goes, so nobody is around to buy. It’s an actual theory, captured … Read more

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s&p 500

Investor Facts: What Is The S&P 500?

The S&P 500 is a list of 500 stocks recognized as representative of large-cap companies in the United States. Created by Standard & Poor’s (S&P), the S&P 500 Index of equities is … Read more

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contrarian investing

Contrarian Investing Can Be Simple

One word you sometimes hear people use is “contrarian” investing. There’s something very appealing about it, the allure of insider information and being right when others are wrong. It’s also a … Read more

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what is yield

Investing Basics: What Is Yield?

Investing for the long term, particularly for retirement, seems to be a game of buying low and selling high — and it is. Stocks you buy today should be worth much … Read more

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Cash Is Not An Investment, Nor Is Your Home

An amazing number of Americans — 54 million — think of real estate and cash as their top two choices for long-term investments, that is, for longer than 10 years. The … Read more

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beat the stock market

The Danger In Beating The Stock Market

Hire a financial advisor and you are likely to hear one of two sales pitches: Either “I can beat the market” or “Your money will grow faster with active management.” … Read more

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