invest in a portfolio

Why Should I Invest In A Portfolio?

You hear a lot of obscure terms in the investing business, too many of them math-related for sure. But one key idea that far too many gloss over is “portfolio.” It … Read more

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How Much Is Really Enough To Retire?

You probably have run into a few retirement books over the years. One of the more interesting of them was one entitled The Number. That really puts a fine point on … Read more

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build a retirement

5 Money Moves That Build A Retirement

It’s easy to understand how a retirement is built — steady saving, prudent investments and time. But so many of us fail at it because we get stuck trying to make just … Read more

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leave money

Did You Leave Money At Your Old Job?

It’s a basic truth about us as human beings. Most of us don’t want to think about money at all. And that costs us money in the long run. Data … Read more

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stock market

Avoid Stock Market Impulse Shopping

We are, without a doubt, the most highly trained consumers in the history of the world. Sure, people have been buying and selling for centuries, but how many cultures before … Read more

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time in the market

Time In The Market, Not Market Timing

A lot of small investors spend a lot of time — far too much — worrying about their investments. They buy concentrated positions in a few shining stars and then hope. … Read more

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free lunch in investing

The Only Free Lunch In Investing

You’ve probably heard or read about all kinds of strategies that will make you rich investing. They go by many names, but they all follow the same basic idea: Zigging … Read more

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what is a portfolio

Investing Basics: What Is A Portfolio?

Investing for the long term means you should own a portfolio of stocks, bonds and other types of investments. But why, and what is a portfolio, really? First, let’s consider … Read more

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sell in may

Sell In May? June Swoon? Never Fear…

One of the longstanding idiosyncrasies of stock market investing is patterns. Human beings are keen on finding them, often where they don’t exist. Scientists even have a word for it: … Read more

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index investing

Index Investing In Down Markets

If the stock market fell 10% in the next week, what would you do? What if it fell 20% in a day? What then? These seem like wild questions, but it’s … Read more

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