stock market top

Is A Stock Market Top Near? Hardly…

If you’ve ever hiked up a mountain you know how elusive the summit can be. As you rise to a high point it seems like the peak, the end of … Read more

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what is common stock

Investor Facts: Common Stock

Common stock is a share in a corporation traded on a stock exchange and owned by the public. Corporations issue common stock to raise money to fund operations, growth or … Read more

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What Drives Retirement Savings Higher? Not Investing

If there’s anything about investing and saving that’s easy to understand, it’s that more is more. If you save more, you invest more. If you save less, you invest less. … Read more

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zero coupon bond

Investor Facts: What Is A Zero Coupon Bond?

A zero coupon bond is a bond that doesn’t pay interest. Instead, it is issued at a discount and increases in face value over time. The regular interest payments from … Read more

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investing mistakes to avoid

3 Investing Mistakes You Must Avoid To Prosper

Investing is hard, so hard that even experienced and highly paid professionals get it wrong. So how can do-it-yourselfers come out ahead? You can do better by reducing your chances … Read more

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growth stock

Investor Facts: What Is A Growth Stock?

A growth stock is a stock that investors believe will increase in value because the issuing company is growing its earnings more quickly than its peers. Companies issue stock to … Read more

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uncertain times

How To Invest In Uncertain Times, Trump Edition

It has been pretty hard over the past week to ignore the headlines coming out of Washington. President Donald Trump seems to be a one-man news machine, whether via the … Read more

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gross domestic product

Investor Facts: What Is Gross Domestic Product?

Gross domestic product is an economics term that means the size of an economy. If you added up the value of all of the goods sold and services rendered during … Read more

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Retirement Tax Moves You Probably Are Missing

It’s January, the beginning of tax season. Time to gather up your pay stubs and deductions and figure out if you owe money or can expect some back from Uncle … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is Market Capitalization?

Market capitalization is the dollar value of a company represented by its shares owned and traded by the public. Companies can be public or private. If private, the shares are … Read more

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