Investor Facts: What Is Alpha?

Alpha is a finance term which means how much an investment returns in excess of the market as a whole. There are many ways to think about the market as … Read more

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stocks go up

Warren Buffett’s Mentor Explains Why Stocks Go Up — And Down

You might be forgiven for worrying about why stocks go up, or down, in the past few months. After all, we’re well into the longest bull market in history, an … Read more

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after-tax contribution

Investor Facts: What Is An After-Tax Contribution?

An after-tax contribution is exactly what it sounds like: Money put into a retirement plan after the contributor has paid income taxes on that money. Most people make contributions that … Read more

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invest like warren buffett

Can Ordinary People Invest Like Warren Buffett? Yes, They Can

Can you invest like Warren Buffett, the iconic billionaire investor? Buffett has one simple rule for making money with investments. “Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when … Read more

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withdrawal rate

Investor Facts: What Is A Withdrawal Rate?

Withdrawal rate is amount of money one can withdraw monthly or annually from a retirement investment portfolio without running out of money. The money in a retirement portfolio is there … Read more

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bull market

Long Bull Market In History. Now What Should Investors Do?

It’s official: The stock market has entered its longest bull market run ever. The S&P 500 closed Friday at 2,874.69, up from 676 points at the market low of March 9, … Read more

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wealth management

Investor Facts: What Is Wealth Management?

Wealth management is the coordinated management of multiple areas of wealth, generally for a household or family unit. It often includes oversight of cash flow, risk management, investment management, taxation, … Read more

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debt reduction

What’s The Best Way To Reduce Debt Quickly?

Carrying debt, particularly high-interest debt such as on a credit-card, is no way to build a solid financial life. You must reduce debt quickly to even get started. The problem … Read more

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what are tips

Investor Facts: What Are TIPS?

Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS) are a type of bond issued by the U.S. government that guarantee a return equal to at least the rate of inflation. Money invested in Treasury inflation-protected securities … Read more

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Why Are People Suddenly Talking About Recession?

After years and years of economic expansion, some folks in the financial media are kicking around the “R” word — recession. It might feel about the blue to be discussing … Read more

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