early saving

Harness The Power of Early Saving

Which would you rather make, a great investment or an early investment? It’s not a trick question. Of course we would all have loved to have bought Microsoft when it … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is Liquidity?

Liquidity is another way of saying cash. In the case of an investment, liquidity is easy access to buyers who will give you cash for that investment. An investment position … Read more

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buy bad stocks

The Reason You Buy Bad Stocks: Good Stories

Not that many years ago, stock brokers could make a pretty good living just getting their clients to buy individual stocks. Just sell the story and get paid. Commissions on … Read more

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main street

Investor Facts: What Is Main Street?

Main Street is a synonym for the mostly non-financial parts of the U.S. economy, in contrast to Wall Street. Investment commentators occasionally compare the concentrated U.S. financial sector with the … Read more

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stocks hit new highs

As Stocks Hit New Highs, Just Relax

On June 1, the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a new record high, closing at 21,144. The broad market S&P 500 and the tech-focused NASDAQ did, too. There are two … Read more

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holding period

Investor Facts: What Is A Holding Period?

Holding period is the length of time an investor keeps a given investment. Buying and selling investments is a normal part of managing an investment portfolio. Some investments one might … Read more

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sector rotation

The Lazy Investor’s Guide To Sector Rotation

An interesting wrinkle in the massive move toward passive investing strategies such as index funds is that a lot of people seem to be ignoring the passive part. Yes, there … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is Equity?

Equity is a synonym for an investment in a company through the purchase of stock. Equity can be a complex idea, but it simply represents ownership. In investments, this usually … Read more

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stock market falling

The Stock Market Is Falling! Should I Do Something?

On days when the markets fall by hundreds of points, it’s easy to forget those long streaks of positive weeks that pushed stocks to new records almost daily. It’s easy to … Read more

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operating income

Investor Facts: What Is Operating Income?

Operating income is the income of a corporation minus operating costs, cost of labor and other basic business expenses. Companies are in the business of making a profit. They show … Read more

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