financial advisor

When To Hire A Financial Advisor And Why

How often do you see a doctor? Once a year unless you’re sick, right? How about a dentist? Probably twice a year, unless you’re afraid of the dental chair. But … Read more

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index funds

Index Funds Work Better Together

“Buy an index fund, and then go to sleep for 50 years.” Sound advice in many ways. But is it the best plan to buy just a U.S. broad stock … Read more

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good retirement

Fearful Markets Make A Good Retirement

As the stock market bounces around in October, it’s common for retirement investors to suddenly focus  more intently on their portfolios. After all, a small percentage decline is big dollars … Read more

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Why Indexing Is Replacing Mutual Funds

In the early days of retail investing, buying stocks was hard. It took specialized knowledge. You had to know a licensed broker who worked at an exchange. Ordinary people just … Read more

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retirement investing

Retirement Investing Should Be Easy

We have a lot of storied images of retirement. Lazy days playing golf or sunning, plenty of time to read or take walks. Probably the last thing we imagine ourselves … Read more

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ignoring the market

The Hidden Virtues Of Ignoring The Market

Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. We are brought up to believe that succeeding at anything means paying a lot of attention. And that makes a lot of sense … Read more

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long-term portfolio

Build A Perfect Long-Term Portfolio

Most people, if asked, would prefer not to think about investing. Sure, a small minority of folks love talking money and stocks, but for the majority of us the topic is boring, … Read more

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Use Stocks To Defend Your Retirement

If you’ve ever picked up a personal finance book, you’ve probably run into this retirement investing maxim or one like it: “Own your age in bonds, own the difference in … Read more

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passive investing

5 Steps To Powerful Passive Investing

The first thing that comes to mind when people hear the phrase “passive investing” is probably real estate. Yet anyone who has ever owned a rental home or apartment knows … Read more

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who needs a financial advisor

Quiz: Who Needs A Financial Advisor?

Investing on your own is easy, unless of course it’s incredibly hard. Some of us seem to have the “money gene” and some of us don’t. Which is not to say … Read more

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