risk-adjusted return

Basics: Understanding Risk-Adjusted Return

Get two financial advisors talking at a bar, and pretty soon you’ll be breaking out a dictionary to keep up. The mathematics behind portfolio management would challenge even the wonkiest economist. Yet a fundamental … Read more

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market selloff

Surviving A Market Selloff: A Mental Game

When you were growing up you probably played with a toy called the Magic 8-Ball. An oversized plastic billiard ball with a window at the bottom, it was a triumph … Read more

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why own an index fund

Why Own An Index Fund?

A fundamental obstacle for many retirement investors is understanding the difference between an investment and an asset class, and how owning an index fund relates. Why own an index fund? Because it … Read more

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asset allocation for retirement

Asset Allocation For Retirement

The U.S. government recently issued guidelines for the ownership of annuities in 401(k) plans, patching what had been a big hole in many workplace retirement offerings: How to secure an … Read more

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retirement mistake

One Retirement Mistake You Can’t Make

Saving  for retirement is hard work. It involves sacrifice and dedication, a certain selflessness that few possess. Unless it doesn’t. You can make saving for retirement quite easy, even painless. … Read more

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Indexing Is Powerful Investing, Here’s Why

One of the misconceptions people have about index investing is that the return of the stock market indexes is “average” and no better. Why would I want the market return, … Read more

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financial advisor

When To Hire A Financial Advisor And Why

How often do you see a doctor? Once a year unless you’re sick, right? How about a dentist? Probably twice a year, unless you’re afraid of the dental chair. But … Read more

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index funds

Index Funds Work Better Together

“Buy an index fund, and then go to sleep for 50 years.” Sound advice in many ways. But is it the best plan to buy just a U.S. broad stock … Read more

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good retirement

Fearful Markets Make A Good Retirement

As the stock market bounces around in October, it’s common for retirement investors to suddenly focus  more intently on their portfolios. After all, a small percentage decline is big dollars … Read more

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Why Indexing Is Replacing Mutual Funds

In the early days of retail investing, buying stocks was hard. It took specialized knowledge. You had to know a licensed broker who worked at an exchange. Ordinary people just … Read more

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