Should You Trust This Market Rebound?

The first half of 2020 has been a wild ride for stock investors. After a record-setting decline in terms of speed, the S&P 500 Index of large U.S. stocks has … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is Turnover Ratio?

The turnover ratio of a mutual fund is the degree to which the stocks or other investments held by the fund get sold or purchased over a period of time, … Read more

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Stressed by the Markets? Keep More Cash On Hand

Whether this is your first bear market or your fifth (who’s counting?), it can be very stressful to watch your retirement plan balance drop like a rock in a week … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is Unemployment?

One of the regular data points that makes financial news headlines is the unemployment rate, that is, how many people lack jobs in the economy. But what is unemployment exactly? … Read more

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Should You Listen to Wall Street Experts and Billionaires?

Financial news websites, television shows, newspapers and magazines promise their viewers and readers two key things that are supposed to help investors prosper: intelligence and access. The intelligence is data … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is Tracking Error?

Tracking error is the gap between how a mutual fund, exchange-traded fund (ETF) or index fund performs compared to a benchmark index. When investors buy a fund they usually understand … Read more

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How Will I Know When The Stock Market Has Bottomed?

The stock market has taken a calamitous turn for the worse due to the shutdowns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. By several measures it has been the fastest, most severe … Read more

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Investor Basics: What Are Earnings?

Every three months all of Wall Street seems to be frozen in place, awaiting the coming wave of corporate earnings. Stocks often stand still until the numbers come out, then … Read more

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What Happens If the Market Go Down More? Warren Buffet’s View

The single most important question on most investor’s minds is a simple one: Will things get worse? The honest answer is that nobody knows. Yet how far the stock market … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is Quantitative Easing?

Even if you haven’t been paying close attention to the investment world you’ve probably recently heard the term “quantitative easing” or QE. In simple terms, QE is a way for … Read more

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