Understanding The Step-Up Rule On Inherited Assets

One of the ways that Congress collects taxes from citizens is by taxing investments. You pay a tax when you sell a stock at a gain, for instance, which is … Read more

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How Long Do Bull Markets Last, Really?

Stocks keep going up and up. How long can that last? First, some terms. One popular rule of thumb is that a bear market is a decline of more than … Read more

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Your Market Jitters Might Mean You Should Rebalance

Feeling edgy about the stock market? Don’t be embarrassed. It’s a perfectly normal feeling. Any time things go well it’s understandable that you might take a step back and ask, … Read more

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What Happens If The Federal Reserve ‘Tapers’ Its Support?

As kids go back to school and the temperatures turn cooler, it’s possible that the financial news headlines will heat up. Case in point: The Federal Reserve. A lot of … Read more

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5 Ways Your Retirement Account Can Grow Automatically

The backbone of growing a retirement account can be summed up in two words: save more. Easier said than done, right? But there’s another axiom that truly moves the needle … Read more

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Is Your Retirement Set to ‘Glide’ Toward Success?

The financial advising business is chock full of jargon and catch-phrases, some more useful than others. One that attempts to clarify matters is the common term “glide path.” It’s a … Read more

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What If You Live Well Past 100? It Could Happen

How long are you planning to live in retirement? Most people think they’ll retire by 65 and, with luck, live to see 90 or so. The reality is somewhat like … Read more

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One Simple Possible Way To Become A Millionaire

The number of savers hitting the millionaire mark has set yet another all-time high, according to data from Fidelity Investments. In the first quarter of 2021 the number of people … Read more

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3 Steps to Help You Save More So You Can Invest

One of the major stumbling blocks for investors is having enough cash to put into an investment plan in the first place. It takes money to make money, after all. … Read more

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How To Think About Stock Market Declines

The headlines are often alarming and to the point: “Stock Down Sharply” or “Market Closes Lower After Tough Week” and so on. Often, too, these types of headlines will attempt … Read more

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