Volatility Is A Good Thing, Seriously

Retirement investors want to grow their portfolios. They want that growth to come from steady capital appreciation — that is, higher stock prices. What they don’t want is “volatility,” the movement … Read more

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Never Overpay For An Investment

What’s the “right” amount to pay for an investment? Aren’t investments free or nearly so? You might be surprised to learn that what you pay for your investments can vary … Read more

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Investment Long Term With Less Risk

One of the most interesting words in the investing business is “risk.” It connotes danger, but also opportunity. And we misunderstand it at nearly every turn when saving for retirement. … Read more

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low fees

How Low Fees Drive Much Bigger Returns

You know the mantra: Low fees means money money for you. Every dollar counts. We usually like to spend less on things we consider ordinary. Who doesn’t love a store-brand … Read more

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sell an investment

When Is It Time To Sell An Investment?

If you read the financial press on any given day, you will find that most of the “news” revolves around specific investments. Is it time to buy China? Time to … Read more

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stocks are flat

What To Do When Stocks Are Flat

Over the long run, stocks rise in value. That’s why investors own them. But what about those years when they just meander along? That’s what has been going on so … Read more

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financial advisor overpaid

Is Your Financial Advisor Overpaid?

Every few years, Forbes magazine does what is possibly their most entertaining annual list: Most overpaid actors. Simply enough, they compare the estimated earnings of the people on their Top … Read more

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Diversification Protects Your Retirement

A lot of financial advisors like to talk about “insurance” for their clients’ investments. Often, however, this takes the unlikely form of highly risky counter-investments. For instance, an advisor might … Read more

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index fund

How To Use An Index Fund For Retirement

The great thing about index funds is that they are “set it and forget it” investments. But does that make sense for a retirement plan? Absolutely, and for a number … Read more

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invest in a portfolio

Why Should I Invest In A Portfolio?

You hear a lot of obscure terms in the investing business, too many of them math-related for sure. But one key idea that far too many gloss over is “portfolio.” It … Read more

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