Investor Facts: What Is Diversification?

Diversification is the practice of owning a wide variety of investment types in order to reduce risk. Investors sometimes find the idea of diversification daunting, but it’s nothing more than … Read more

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investing when news is bad

The Upside To Investing When News Is Bad

It’s fairly easy to look around the world and recognize places where uncertainty reigns. Not wars or disasters, but political uncertainty, the kind that depresses investors. Run away? Not really. … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is Being Underwater?

An asset or investment is underwater if the market value falls below what the owner paid for it. The purpose of owning an investment is to earn income from it, sell … Read more

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average savings

Do You Have Average Savings, Or Better?

Average savings numbers can be misleading, to say the least. Consider this thought experiment. Five people are standing in a room and Bill Gates walks in. Before, the average savings … Read more

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kiddie tax

Investor Facts: What Is The Kiddie Tax?

The kiddie tax is a tax on investment income received by a minor child from an investment controlled by a parent. A parent with a high tax rate on his or … Read more

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investment mistake

The Biggest Investment Mistake You Make

We live in a world that’s predicated on taking action. You want a job, go knock on doors. You find someone attractive, express your interest. No pain, no gain, as … Read more

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net asset value

Investor Facts: What Is Net Asset Value?

Net asset value (NAV) is the total value of the investments owned by a mutual fund after subtracting costs, expressed in dollars per share. Investment companies own dozens or hundreds of individual … Read more

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investing guesswork

Investing Guesswork, Here’s What To Do About It

If you ask a a high school student today what they want to do for a living, you’ll probably get a shrug and a smile. And that’s okay. Career planning … Read more

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preferred stock

Investor Facts: What Is Preferred Stock?

Preferred stock is a type of investment that provides both income and the possibility of growth. Most investors in companies buy common stock. Bondholders also are invested in a company’s future. A bond … Read more

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serious investors

Software Is Magic For Serious Investors

Every industry has a catchphrase that explains it all. For the tech business, one of the better quotes you hear is that “software is magic.” There’s a lot to unpack there, … Read more

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