Safest Investments Now? Don't Panic

Everything Seems Awful Right Now. Should I Be Investing?

The pandemic seems to be getting worse, not better, despite the appearance of vaccines. Washington is rocked violence and scandal. The market seems to have shrugged it all off — … Read more

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Investment Mistakes to Avoid: Calendar Year Accounting of Returns

The end of a year is a fine time to take stock of your life. Was it a good year (2020, ugh…) or could things have gone better? That’s where … Read more

Posted on January 4, 2021 by

Is The Santa Claus Rally For Real, And Should You Trade It?

You might hear investment professionals on TV talking this time of year about the “Santa Claus rally” for stocks. So is St. Nick actually buying stocks? No, but the data … Read more

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Your Year-End Investment Planning Checklist

Thanksgiving is rumbling by and Christmas is dead ahead. Now is a good time to take stock of your investing year and the plan ahead. Before you know it, tax … Read more

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Wall Street Seems to Like the Election Result. Why Is That?

While the results are still pending some final counting, it seems likely at this writing that former Vice President Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the United States. … Read more

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Investment Basics: When Do I Need A Financial Advisor?

Saving money and investing is a lifelong habit, one best formed young. Along the way you will be tested by market declines and heartened by bull market highs. Would you … Read more

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Worried About The Election And Your Investments? Don’t Be

If you were to take the news reporting at face value, you might easily believe that the upcoming presidential election is the “most consequential in history.” It might be in … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is Loan to Value (LTV)?

If you’re thinking about taking a mortgage to buy a home, you’ll likely hear the term “loan to value.” Loan to value (LTV) is a ratio that expresses how much … Read more

Posted on October 30, 2020 by
asymmetric investing

Investing Long-term For Low Interest Rates

If you look at the long-term view on U.S. interest rates an interesting pattern appears: Virtually zero interest rates are essentially unknown from 1954 through 2009. In fact, the most … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is Interest Income?

Interest income is any kind of interest earned on accounts at a bank, such as a savings and checking account, a high-yield checking account or a certificate of deposit (CD). … Read more

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