moving average

Investor Facts: What Is A Moving Average?

A moving average is a statistical tool that smooths out the ups and downs of a given indicator over time. Investment analysts and economists often look at the changing value … Read more

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automate investing

Automate Investing to Harness the Power of Compounding

Saving money is a discipline, much like dieting to lose weight or keeping up with an exercise plan. Investing can be too, unless you automate it. In fact, automation is … Read more

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mark to market

Investor Facts: What Is Mark to Market?

Mark to market is an accounting standard that requires a company to state the value of its assets in immediate, daily terms. Most investors are used to thinking about their … Read more

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secret market timer

What Happens If We Enter a Bear Market in Stocks?

After years of steady climbing, the U.S. stock market seems to have hit a temporary peak. Stocks on the major indices have fallen by hundreds of points and recently erased … Read more

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interest rate risk

Investor Facts: What Is Interest Rate Risk?

Interest rate risk is an idea that many investors find mystifying. Bonds pay an interest rate, or yield. It’s often fairly low but the money is typically considered safer than … Read more

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stock market volatily

Stock Market Volatility: What Matters Behind the Wheel

After many years of a steady upward climb stock investors in October finally got a taste of stock market volatility — rapid moves up and down in valuation. Some took it … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is Leverage?

Leverage is an investing term that describes the strategy of borrowing money to make an investment. Typically, this is done through a stock brokerage using what’s known as a margin … Read more

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Interest Rates Are Going Up. What Should Investors Do?

It has been hard over the past few months to avoid news about the Federal Reserve and interest rates going up. Rates have not gone up by much at a … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is Alpha?

Alpha is a finance term which means how much an investment returns in excess of the market as a whole. There are many ways to think about the market as … Read more

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stocks go up

Warren Buffett’s Mentor Explains Why Stocks Go Up — And Down

You might be forgiven for worrying about why stocks go up, or down, in the past few months. After all, we’re well into the longest bull market in history, an … Read more

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