A Bear Market Can Be a Glass Half-Full

Is the glass half-full or half-empty? The question is usually asked to gauge a given respondent’s relative optimism (“It’s half-full, of course!”) or pessimism (“Half-empty, naturally…”). It’s the same glass. … Read more

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Nobody Rings a Bell at Market Tops…or Bottoms

Anyone who invests in stocks understands that volatility is part of the game. Stocks go up in value and they also go down. Now bond investors are getting a taste … Read more

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Is it Time to Own Bonds Again?

It’s hard to escape the feeling that inflation is starting to really matter to the U.S. economy, after decades of virtually no practical effect on investing and financial planning. It’s … Read more

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Investing When the World Is Upside Down

Nothing really clears yesterday’s headlines off the world’s screens and front pages like a war. Even more so an existential war between world powers, as we seem to be seeing … Read more

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Investment Mistakes to Avoid: Panicking When Stocks Decline

Has there ever been a crazier and more volatile time in the stock market than right now? The short answer is yes, of course there has. Many times, and much … Read more

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How To Stay Invested, Even During Stormy Markets

The last few years in the stock market have been a weird and wild ride, for sure. There seemed to be no end to the rise of so-called growth stocks, … Read more

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6 Steps Toward Making the Upcoming Tax Season Stress-Free

Once again the whole world seems to be rushing toward the end of December, headlong into a long holiday break. Soon, however, it will be over and a new year … Read more

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Take Your Money With You When You Leave A Job

Americans have a lot of money saved up in workplace retirement plans — around $10.4 trillion and counting. Given that the average American has up to 12 jobs over a … Read more

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Investment Mistakes to Avoid: Chasing Returns

Every investor feels it, at one time or another — return envy. You might be in a mutual fund that has given you great reason to rejoice over the decades. … Read more

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Is There Anything To Stock Market ‘Seasonality’?

You’ve probably heard the stock market adage “Sell in May and go away.” The idea, broadly, is that stocks tend to under-perform over the summer months, from the end of … Read more

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