risk-adjusted return

Basics: Understanding Risk-Adjusted Return

Get two financial advisors talking at a bar, and pretty soon you’ll be breaking out a dictionary to keep up. The mathematics behind portfolio management would challenge even the wonkiest economist. Yet a fundamental … Read more

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Investing: Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

If you ask a typical retirement investor what concerns them most about investing, they’ll probably say, “Losing all my money.” And this kind of concern is not misplaced. But if … Read more

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retirement savings

Where Your Retirement Savings Really Goes

Saving enough to retire someday is a tricky enough challenge. Yet as your account balance grows, beware. Money could be leaking out of your accounts unheeded. Nobody is “stealing” it, … Read more

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saving more

Five Steps Toward Saving More Today

Saving for retirement is a difficult task. That’s why pension plans exist, to automate both saving and investing. We tend in the United States to save very little. The current personal … Read more

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volatile markets

Saving Your Sanity In Volatile Markets

The single biggest risk to your long-term retirement goal is market volatility, when share prices fall seemingly without reason. The fall will stop — in time. And stocks as an asset … Read more

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Investing When Everything Seems Expensive

If you read the popular investing news sites, the “rah-rah” headlines can give you pause. Investing when everything seems overpriced is a challenge. This is where experienced investors start reaching for data to make investing feel … Read more

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how to invest

How To Invest With Minimal Risk

The basic problem of investing is how to invest with minimal risk. We instinctively know that “no risk” investments are virtually impossible, of course, but of what value is lowering (or raising) investment risk? … Read more

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retirement savings

Retirement Savings Comes From Character And Discipline, Not Luck

Sooner or later, the conversation turns this way: How is your retirement savings plan going, and who’s doing it the right way? The conversation might be among your peers or with a spouse … Read more

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invest in stocks

Invest In Stocks, Even If Prices Rise

It might seem like a daredevil approach these days, but you should invest in stocks. Yes, prices are higher than last month and much higher than the beginning of the year, … Read more

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best invesmtents

Best Investments In Unpredictable Markets

When markets move, that can feel like a terrible time to buy. We love the idea of “buying the bottom” but hate falling prices. And it always seems that the … Read more

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