investing costs

5 Big Investing Costs And How To Lower Them

A major drag on investment returns is fees, the costs you pay for investment help in various forms. Some of them you probably know about, but some are much less … Read more

Posted on May 9, 2014 by
target-date retirement funds

Understanding Target-Date Retirement Funds

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to successful retirement is saving enough and investing well. Retirement companies and workplace 401(k) plans have attempted to tackle that by harnessing the strongest force in human history … Read more

Posted on March 28, 2014 by
etf funds

Investing Basics: Why Use ETF Funds

The ETF industry has exploded in recent years, that’s for sure. In the early 1990s there were only a small handful and almost nobody used them. By one recent count, … Read more

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Investing Basics: Index Funds

Consider the problem facing most retail investors. They have to buy a company, hopefully at a price lower than the firm’s value, then sell it at some future date to … Read more

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best investments

Best Investments For Stock Market Doubters

Last year was a great year for U.S. stocks, among the best investments one could have made, up about 30% over 12 months. The year 2013 was great, but not the best … Read more

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how to invest

How to Invest In Alternatives

Spend a few hours on trading websites and you’re likely to run into a lot of advice regarding “alternative” investments. Much of the talk will be about investing in gold, both … Read more

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best investments

Best Investments For Intermediate Goals

Most investors are in it from the long-term: retirement, the golden years, the bucket list. But what about investing for shorter-term goals, such as putting a kid through college? Or starting … Read more

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etf funds

ETF Funds For Current Retirees

The traditional advice for retirees is to sell down “risky” investments and increase “safe” ones in retirement. Traditionally, that has meant selling off stocks and buying bonds. Yet there’s little about … Read more

Posted on December 23, 2013 by
ETF funds

ETF Funds For Near Retirees

Heading into your early 60s can be a stressful time as a retirement investor. Hopefully, your prudence has paid off and you are sitting on a reasonable nest egg for retirement. … Read more

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etf funds

ETF Funds For Late Starters

One of the more unnerving facts about retirement investing is the illusion of knowledge. As we get older and more wise to the world, the tendency is to believe that we understand … Read more

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