Would You Recognize A Bubble Before It Popped?

Robert Shiller, the Yale professor best known for predicting the dot-com crash and the later housing debacle, just called bitcoin a bubble. Not sure what bitcoin is? You’re not alone. … Read more

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Brexit: A Case Study In The Danger Of Trading The Headlines

It has been more than a year since British voters decided to leave the European Union, a huge and costly divorce that promises to take years to fully enact. Five … Read more

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goldman sachs

Why You Should Never Trade Like Goldman Sachs

Investment banks do a lot of investing. Besides raising money for businesses, many of our largest banks also simply invest. That means they buy and sell a lot of investments exactly … Read more

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day trading

Investor Facts: What Is Day Trading?

Day trading is a form of short-term investing, defined by buying and selling a security within a few hours. Generally, investors seek to profit from long-term changes in the price … Read more

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Why Stocks Continue To Set Records

The Dow Jones Industrial Average just busted through 22,000 points, up from just 7,063 in 2009. Despite seeming bad news, stock investor see only positives. Sure, tensions are high with … Read more

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retirement income

Reality Check: Will You Have Enough Retirement Income?

Fidelity Investments, the giant brokerage firm, does a pretty good job at breaking down our collective retirement readiness, measured as retirement income. The most recent report from them shows that … Read more

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asset mix

The Right Asset Mix For Your Goals

Turn on cable TV news at any given moment during the business day and you will be inundated with investment recommendations. Buy stocks, sell stocks. Buy bonds, sell bonds. Avoid … Read more

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early saving

Harness The Power of Early Saving

Which would you rather make, a great investment or an early investment? It’s not a trick question. Of course we would all have loved to have bought Microsoft when it … Read more

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buy bad stocks

The Reason You Buy Bad Stocks: Good Stories

Not that many years ago, stock brokers could make a pretty good living just getting their clients to buy individual stocks. Just sell the story and get paid. Commissions on … Read more

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stocks hit new highs

As Stocks Hit New Highs, Just Relax

On June 1, the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a new record high, closing at 21,144. The broad market S&P 500 and the tech-focused NASDAQ did, too. There are two … Read more

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