stocks hit new highs

As Stocks Hit New Highs, Just Relax

On June 1, the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a new record high, closing at 21,144. The broad market S&P 500 and the tech-focused NASDAQ did, too. There are two … Read more

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sector rotation

The Lazy Investor’s Guide To Sector Rotation

An interesting wrinkle in the massive move toward passive investing strategies such as index funds is that a lot of people seem to be ignoring the passive part. Yes, there … Read more

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What To Make Of Washington These Days

Like most Americans, you’re likely hanging on every word from our nation’s capital. Every week, sometimes every day, there seems to be some kind of earthshaking announcement, some legislation ahead, … Read more

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own enough stocks

Do I Own Enough Stocks? Too Much? How To Check

Investing for the long run can be a tricky business. The data supports owning stocks, yet the volatility of the stock market can lead to emotional trades and untimely decisions. … Read more

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interest rates

Interest Rates Rising, Do I Change Investments?

The stock market seems to touch new highs every day, even as the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates and laying out a path for more increases to come. Should … Read more

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Index Investing Is Not Passive Investing. Here’s Why…

Many investors try very hard to portray themselves as cool and calm, unflappable in the face of market ups and downs. They like to think of themselves as unwavering before … Read more

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The Only Three Things Investors Must Know

Investing is a very complex business, even for those with the training and credentials to do it full-time as a job. It’s a heavily regulated industry, and even then there … Read more

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What Drives Retirement Savings Higher? Not Investing

If there’s anything about investing and saving that’s easy to understand, it’s that more is more. If you save more, you invest more. If you save less, you invest less. … Read more

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investing mistakes to avoid

3 Investing Mistakes You Must Avoid To Prosper

Investing is hard, so hard that even experienced and highly paid professionals get it wrong. So how can do-it-yourselfers come out ahead? You can do better by reducing your chances … Read more

Posted on February 3, 2017 by

Is Chaos Better For Active Investors?

Is it better for active investors, those who think they can outsmart the market as a whole, when things are unpredictable? You couldn’t have gotten more unpredictable than 2016. Brexit, … Read more

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