Don’t Just Sit There, Go Ahead and Do Nothing!

Research indicates that for most investors, tuning out the noise and sticking to their portfolio plan may be their best path to success. These days, it’s not simply Homer Simpson … Read more

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Should You Use Currencies to Diversify?

Whether it’s the ancient Greeks quipping about moderation in all things or a mom telling her kids to eat their vegetables and not just Otter Pops, diversification in life is … Read more

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How to Inflation Proof Your Portfolio With ETFs

Inflation is a sneaky pickpocket that slinks into your wallet in the form of higher prices on food, gas and other necessities, quietly robbing you of wealth. It’s the invisible … Read more

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Why 1 Billion IQ Points Know More Than You

“Nobody knows nothing” is a statement made by screenwriter William Goldman about the movie business. He meant that even after making movies for more than 100 years, no one actually … Read more

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Where Portfolio Returns Really Come From

Here is a shocking fact: Asset allocation, the idea of spreading one’s money into different buckets or asset classes, accounts for 90% of a portfolio’s return over time. This leaves … Read more

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The big drop – did you yawn or did you freak?

On May 6th of last week, the markets shocked the world with a never-seen-before event – a 1000-point drop in a mere sixteen short minutes. During those brief moments and … Read more

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Retirement Planning Is Essential to Retire Rich

Retirement planning is a subject full of irony: the younger you are when you start investing for it, the more likely it is that you’ll retire with plenty. But when … Read more

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Smart Retirement Investing: Using Asset Allocation in Retirement Plans

If you don’t already have your television set to record Jean Chatzky’s Money 911 segment on NBC’s TODAY Show, you might want to as she continues to speak about timely … Read more

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Asset Allocation vs. Tactical Allocation – Know the Difference

Asset Allocation is being mistaken form tactical allocation. “It’s the financial fantasy for a post-crash world: Wouldn’t life be grand if you could own one mutual fund that invested in … Read more

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Barron's Online – 3 Ways Investors Ruin Their Nesteggs

by Karen Hube Monday, March 17, 2008 These are scary times for investors trying to shore up their retirement portfolios. Stocks’ values are down, inflation is ticking up and home … Read more

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