Are Commission-Free ETFs Worth It?

Over the past year or so, the four leading trading houses have offered a suite of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that trade for free. Schwab lead the charge by offering free … Read more

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Our Conspiracy Theory

Have you ever met the crazy conspiracy theorist who is convinced that a well-executed and malevolent plot lurks behind most events? These were the people whose eyes bugged-out during Y2K, … Read more

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You Might Not Have 'Beat The Market' in 2010

Retirement investors who want investment advice are faced with two basic choices: pay high fees for professional mutual fund managers to beat the market (called “active” investing) or buy low-fee … Read more

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Are You Paying Your Neighbor's Taxes?

While the über wealthy use exotic tax strategies to exploit esoteric loopholes, the everyday investor has one great tax trick available in the form of exchange-traded funds. ETFs offer a … Read more

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4 Ways Money Buys Happiness

If you have ever felt confused about the relationship between money and happiness, you’re not alone. Even the Beatles were torn over the subject, declaring in one famous song, “You … Read more

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Did You Know That You Are Now Cool?

The renowned 70’s funk band, Tower of Power, raised the all-important question about “coolness” in their ’70’s hit “What is Hip?” “What is hip, tell me tell me if you … Read more

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Did Morningstar 'Fess Up Or Stumble?

We love to talk about how our method of investing is as exciting as watching paint dry. Sometimes, however, there is a little drama in our corner of the investment … Read more

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Mutual Fund Fee Analyzer — Reveals What You Pay For Your Mutual Funds

Check out this unique and powerful tool that for the first time allows you to comparison shop between nearly 14,000 mutual funds and their competitive ETFs. Those who have used … Read more

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Do Your Homework To Understand Mutual Funds and Their Fees

The Supreme Court finally examined the problem with mutual funds with regards to their fees. The result – not much protection for the average retirement investor. The Court decided to … Read more

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From Warren Buffett: Advice Helpful for an IRA Rollover

Warren Buffett is our generation’s Benjamin Franklin, a humble billionaire full of great advice, quips and invaluable insights. While he never gives direct investment advice, one can gleen some helpful … Read more

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