Study Reveals Indexing Wins Again

For those that have taken to indexing over the last several years, we have John Bogle, pioneer of indexing and founder of The Vanguard Group and Vanguard index funds, to … Read more

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Avoiding Mutual Funds Fees and Retire Earlier

The more you read, the more you will uncover the ongoing discussion of how mutual funds are being challenged to reveal the true costs of investing in them. As an … Read more

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An ETF is a Great Investment Choice

When evaluating your investment choices and trying to understand ‘what is an ETF?’ it is in your best interest to read a recent article in USAToday ‘Is an ETF the … Read more

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Mutual Fund Fees Siphon off 33% – 50% of Your Money Within 10-15 Years

Perhaps the typical 2% management fees charged by mutual funds and financial advisers don’t look too damaging at first glance-especially if you believe the managers will deliver on their market … Read more

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Index Funds: Not So Bad Of a Decade For Vanguard Funds

These last two weeks I have read many articles and blogs that reference the last decade as being disastrous for most investors, yet was pleased to read how owners of … Read more

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Active Investing by Money Managers Loses in Risk Study

Sam Mamudi of the Wall Street Journal deservingly poked money managers in the eye with his recent report on how such mangers underperformed indexes in both real and risk adjusted … Read more

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What is Inside Your Mutual Funds Fees?

Be certain to read the fine print when signing up to purchase mutual funds as Wall Street scams never fail to surprize me. A recent MSN money article ‘Is Your … Read more

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Stock Picking: In Today, Out Tomorrow — What Is One To Do?

Market timing, a well known term learned in Investing 101, is exciting and can be quite profitable yet stock picking is oftentimes very fickle and given how the tide shifts … Read more

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If You Are An Index Investor, Where Does Explore Investing Fit In?

In this week’s Forbes column, Rick Ferri asserts that “partial indexing works for Wall Street, not investors”. In this penetrating article, Rick ruthlessly uncovers Wall Street’s agenda is selling indexing … Read more

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ETF Stocks: Can you beat SPY? How to benchmark your performance

If you are picking stocks for your own portfolio, then you are competing against all of the smart stock pickers in the world. In fact, when you’re buying or selling, … Read more

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