Sell Your Company’s Stock In Your 401(k)

Finally – July 2012 has arrived!  Employees all over America will get the sobering news that there really are fees being siphoned out of their 401(k) accounts and the amounts, … Read more

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Stressed Investors Shouldn’t Change Lanes

A new client recently looked at one of our recommended portfolios and was concerned. He wrote: “I understand the idea of spread the assets as broadly as possible to play the … Read more

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Are costs ruining your portfolio party?

Successful portfolio management is a dance between risk, return, and cost. Risk and return make great dance partners while cost is the obnoxious drunk who tries to butt in. Investing … Read more

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Buffett rebuffs gold, but inflation says ‘buy’

Buying gold is now accessible for all, but the sage of Omaha has spoken. Warren Buffett says gold is not an investment — it’s a speculation and does not belong … Read more

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Is It Time To Sell Your Stocks and Run For Cover?

When it comes to investing, it’s hard to know who to follow these days. Since September of 2009 the Vanguard Total U.S. Stock Fund index (VTSMX), is up 33.4%. The … Read more

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Should You Have Alternative Investments In Your Portfolio?

So you have discovered the merits of dumping your high-priced money manger and his ineffective mutual funds in favor of low-cost index funds allocated across stocks, bonds, and cash. You … Read more

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Do You Pass the Investment Test?

Like a volcano, markets go through phases: they do very little and then suddenly they spit fiery lava. With new problems being introduced each day, be it Greek debt or … Read more

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Should You Use Currencies to Diversify?

Whether it’s the ancient Greeks quipping about moderation in all things or a mom telling her kids to eat their vegetables and not just Otter Pops, diversification in life is … Read more

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Why Your Investment Portfolio Is Not Diversified

Some people think investing is all about picking the right stocks to “beat the market.” Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett are fabled stock pickers. Wall Street would certainly have you … Read more

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How to Inflation Proof Your Portfolio With ETFs

Inflation is a sneaky pickpocket that slinks into your wallet in the form of higher prices on food, gas and other necessities, quietly robbing you of wealth. It’s the invisible … Read more

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