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Meet The Yale Prof Ripping The Lid Off 401k Fund Fees

A Yale researcher has the the retirement industry up in arms over his plan to publish apples-to-apples fund fees comparisons of thousands of 401k plans across the country. No mere exercise in … Read more

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Hospital Charges Crazy? Check Your Fund Fees

Americans have long known that medical care is much, much cheaper abroad. What they didn’t know until recently is that the same procedure at one hospital can cost a fraction … Read more

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Are You Smarter Than a House Cat?

A few years back, a popular TV quiz show posed this question in its title: “Are You Smarter Than a 5th-Grader?” It was a simple idea, as most successful ideas … Read more

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Expected rate of return old-school style

Expected Rate of Return — Nail It, or Else

What’s your expected rate of return on your retirement investments? Do you even have a concrete number in your mind? You should. Consider for a moment your assumptions. You assume … Read more

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5 Tips on Teaching Your Kids About Investing

“Oh, you are a stock market guy? I’d love you to talk to my son Johnny. He is really interested in investing. When he was a freshman in high school, … Read more

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Do You Pass the Investment Test?

Like a volcano, markets go through phases: they do very little and then suddenly they spit fiery lava. With new problems being introduced each day, be it Greek debt or … Read more

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Are You the Dumb Money?

In the hit comedy, Dumb and Dumber, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels play two guys that are so utterly moronic, that their inanity actually becomes their best asset. Without knowing … Read more

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"Nobody knows Nothing"

“Nobody knows nothing” is a statement made by screenwriter William Goldman about the movie business. He meant that even after making movies for over 100 years, no one actually knows … Read more

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If You Are An Index Investor, Where Does Explore Investing Fit In?

In this week’s Forbes column, Rick Ferri asserts that “partial indexing works for Wall Street, not investors”. In this penetrating article, Rick ruthlessly uncovers Wall Street’s agenda is selling indexing … Read more

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Investors Behaving Badly

Investors Behaving Badly The Financial Research Corporation released a study prior to the [2001-02] bear market which showed that the average mutual fund’s three-year return was 10.92%, while the average … Read more

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