ignore the stock market

Ignore the Stock Market, says Charley Ellis

Can you ignore the stock market and win? It’s a nerve-wracking strategy, for sure, but one that has a major backer in Dr. Charles Ellis. Following current events is a … Read more

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key to retirement success

Key to Retirement Success Is Compounding

The single most powerful force in your retirement plan is not the stock market, not tax deductions, not even saving more. The key to retirement success is compounding, plain and … Read more

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How the Rich Get Richer and You Can, Too

We all know, innately, how the rich get richer. Money begets money. But how does that actually happen, aside from compounding interest and purely financial factors? You could take the … Read more

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Retirement Investing for Young People

Retirement investing for young people is changing fast, and for all kinds of reasons, some cultural and some economic. Take the economy right now. Despite what you may have heard, … Read more

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Difference Between Gambling and Investing

What’s the difference between gambling and investing? Let’s stop by the race track and figure it out. One of the most entertaining aspects of any specialized endeavor, investing included, is … Read more

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retirement savings strategies

Retirement Savings Strategies: Get Started

You know you need to do it. You know it really matters. But what are the best retirement savings strategies out there? What works, and why? PNC, the bank, recently … Read more

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How rich people think matters to your investors

How Rich People Think About Money (Really)

Let’s talk about how rich people think about money, beginning with this famous quote: “Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.” So … Read more

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Investors Should Ignore Knight Madness

Another day, another fat-fingered mess on the trading floors of Wall Street. Meanwhile, stock-holding-period madness reigns, due largely to robot-driven trades . Who’s driving this crazy train? Consider some of the recent … Read more

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Investors Win as ETF Wars Heat Up

The ETF wars are once again heating up to the benefit of everyday investors. BlackRock, the leader and pioneer of ETFs through its famous iShares products, is feeling the pressure … Read more

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‘Lie’-bor, Or The Art Of The Lie And Your Money

Lying has a noble history, hearkening back to the beginning of time itself. By taking a simple jaunt back to the Garden we find God’s booming, “Who ate my apple?” … Read more

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