bear market

Investor Facts: What Is A Bear Market?

A bear market is a market in which selling predominates, resulting in a marked decline in asset prices. Stock markets go up and down every day. Historically, prices have trended … Read more

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interest rates

Interest Rates Rising, Do I Change Investments?

The stock market seems to touch new highs every day, even as the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates and laying out a path for more increases to come. Should … Read more

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total return

Investor Facts: What Is Total Return?

Total return is the percentage gain (or loss) of an investment when counting both price change and income. People typically measure investments by the change in price over a period … Read more

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save big money on taxes

Save Big Money On Taxes Every Year

We’re still a month away from Tax Day, so now’s the time to take action and save yourself some money on taxes. Many Americans think about this process backwards. They overpay … Read more

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rate of return

Investor Facts: Rate of Return

Rate of return is the gain (or loss) of an investment in a given time frame, usually expressed as a percentage change over 12 months. Investors make investments in order … Read more

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Index Investing Is Not Passive Investing. Here’s Why…

Many investors try very hard to portray themselves as cool and calm, unflappable in the face of market ups and downs. They like to think of themselves as unwavering before … Read more

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federal funds rate

Investor Facts: What Is The Federal Funds Rate?

The federal funds rate is the benchmark interest rate set by the U.S. Federal Reserve. Governments issue currencies, such as the U.S. dollar, euro and yen. Nevertheless, central banks control … Read more

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The Only Three Things Investors Must Know

Investing is a very complex business, even for those with the training and credentials to do it full-time as a job. It’s a heavily regulated industry, and even then there … Read more

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high yield bond

Investor Facts: What Is A High-Yield Bond?

A high-yield bond is a bond that pays higher-than-average amount in interest. Typically, this is because the bond issuer has a lower-than-average credit rating. A high-yield bond is exactly what … Read more

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stock market top

Is A Stock Market Top Near? Hardly…

If you’ve ever hiked up a mountain you know how elusive the summit can be. As you rise to a high point it seems like the peak, the end of … Read more

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