About MarketRiders

What We Do

MarketRiders is a web-based investing software program that can manage a globally diversified, low-cost retirement portfolio.

MarketRiders software is based on the research of Nobel Laureates and the practices of elite institutions and endowments. While other companies point to the latest market-timing fad or stock-picking tip, we help you emulate institutional investors with a time-tested methodology you can trust. See our methodology here.

MarketRiders empowers everyday investors to protect and grow their wealth by taking control of their investing. You can invest with peace-of-mind knowing that the MarketRiders software is always watching your money. Our rebalancing algorithms alert when adjustments are needed. Until we came along, rebalancing technology had only been available to sophisticated investors who could afford systems in the tens of thousands of dollars. Now, we make rebalancing available to you – and we make it incredibly easy, showing you exactly what to buy and sell to realign with your target percentages. You can also add or subtract money from your portfolio at any time. And rebalancing works. Extensive back-testing of our portfolios shows that on average, our rebalancing algorithms can add between 1% and 2% to your annual returns. Since 2007, MarketRiders has helped investors like you avoid unnecessary fees so you keep your money where it belongs: in your account and growing. Now, thousands of subscribers have used our online portfolio management service to build over 15,000 portfolios valued at over $5 billion. You can build your wealth, too. Reduce your investment fees, get Wall Street out of your pocket, and retire with more when you invest with a MarketRiders account.

At MarketRiders, we offer a low-cost subscription service and a Managed Service that is used by thousands. This allows us to give you the unbiased advice you need. Unlike brokers, insurance agents and mutual fund managers that get a commission selling you a financial product, we are 100% on your side. We just want to help the average investor to reap the benefits that so many others have been reaping but keeping secret for years.

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Our History

In 2007, Mitch Tuchman, Steve Beck & Ryan Pfenninger conceptualized and built a service for do-it-yourself investors to manage their own retirement portfolios. Little did they know the incredible disruption this would become to the financial advising industry. "After seeing the financial services world from the inside, I realized there is no Wizard of Oz behind the curtain - just a lot of smart guys who sound smart, but statistically can't add much value over any decent time horizon. We've just got to de-mystify investing for the average investor so he or she sees smart investing is actually very simple." – Mitch Tuchman

Mitch, Ryan & Steve – the original founders of MarketRiders – are now shareholders of Sogo Financial the holding company that includes MarketRiders and SogoTrade.


The Problem

According to Morningstar, only 14% of the top 100 mutual fund managers in a given year were able to repeat their performance the following year. Over a five-year period, 97% of the professional money managers underperform their index after fees and taxes! There's probably not an industry that is so overpaid for providing so little. Yet, most investors continue paying investment management fees that – while seemingly small – easily siphon away 33% of their wealth over 15 years.

If the supposed pros cannot "beat the market," how do wealthy families and elite institutions make such good returns? The answer: by using a simple method called asset allocation. In fact, these wealthy families and elite institutions have been part of an investing revolution based upon asset allocation for years. They know that strategically dividing up your money between stocks, real estate, and bonds is responsible for 90% of investment returns – so that division and allocation strategy is where they focus.

If this strategy is so simple, then why don't all investors use asset allocation? Because the Wall Street system and the media must make sure you keep thinking that investment pros provide great value. Otherwise, everyone – even you – would start taking control of their investing and it would destroy the multi-billion-dollar investment advisor industry.

The Solution

In 1990, millions of people thought they needed an expensive CPA to do their taxes. Today, they use TurboTax software. Today, most investors think they need an expensive professional to manage their investments. Tomorrow, they will replace the Wall Street system with MarketRiders that lets anyone invest using asset allocation. In a few easy steps, our algorithms create your ideal asset allocation amongst six key asset classes.

MarketRiders is taking these pioneering efforts further by continuing to give investors the ability to use the Do-It-Yourself innovation. MarketRiders maps the best-in-class ETFs from a universe of over 1,000 such funds to your portfolio and watches it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We send you alerts as we find opportunities to guide you through periodic rebalancing.

In addition, MarketRiders Managed Service offers a globally diversified professional portfolio of low-cost index funds and personalized financial advice – all at a fraction of the cost of traditional financial services.

With MarketRiders, you can reduce your investment fees, get Wall Street out of your pocket, and retire with more. Most importantly, we help you stay in control of your investments. Try us free. Sign up now!


For Do-It-Yourself investors who build MarketRiders portfolios receive our recommendations via email and online and execute the recommendations in their own brokerage account. We have no knowledge that the portfolios built were purchased nor can we confirm the amount of the portfolio entered by the subscribers. We assume most investors who use MarketRiders swap our ETFs for mutual funds and that the average savings on a MarketRiders portfolio is 1% with the average portfolio size of about $356,000. Data includes subscribers who signed up for a free trial with a credit card and paying subscribers.