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New TD Ameritrade
commission free ETF portfolios

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MarketRider's NEW TD Ameritrade Commission-Free ETF Portfolios

Recently TD Ameritrade dramatically changed their commission free ETF lineup. In response to these changes, we have carefully reviewed our TD Ameritrade commission free portfolios and are now ready to detail our changes. In addition, we have outlined the steps you will have to take (if you choose to do so) in order to take advantage of the new portfolios.

What's Changed:

  • MarketRiders' Long-Tenured TD Ameritrade portfolios have changed.
  • Commission-Free ETFs leaving the MarketRiders Portfolios(ETF fees in parentheses)::
    • BND(0.05%), VWO (0.14%), SCZ (0.4%), RWR (0.25%), IJS (0.25%), IWV (0.2%), VYM (0.08%)
  • Commission-Free ETFs added to the MarketRiders Portfolios:
    • SPAB (0.04%), SLYV (0.15%), SPTM (0.03%), RWO(0.5%), SPYD (0.07%), GWX (0.4%), SPEM (0.11%)
  • Expense ratios in most cases either have stayed the same or have been reduced (Good news!).
  • We have updated the MarketRiders TD Ameritrade portfolios so that the new ETFs have substantially the same investment objectives as the ETFs being replaced.

What You Should Do:

  • Consult Your Tax Professional.
  • Proceed normally with your portfolio process in MarketRiders.
  • Contact us by phone, email or chat. We have professionals ready to answer your questions.
Our recommended TD Ameritrade commission free ETF portfolios have now changed. We look forward to continuing to help you successfully manage your investments.

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