How To Build Bob Pisani's CNBC Model ETF Portfolios With MarketRiders

Posted on May 18, 2010 at 9:34 AM PST by

In order to build Bob Pisani’s ETF portfolios with MarketRiders, follow these easy steps:

1. Sign up for a MarketRiders 30 day Free Trial. There is a “sign-up” link on the top right of

2. You will be asked to create your first portfolio and you’ll have 2 options: “Build It For Me” and “Let Me Build It.” Choose “Let Me Build It.”

3. In Step 1 of 5, you’ll see a list of templates that you can use in a pull-down menu. The CNBC model portfolios are listed in these templates. Select the portfolio that you’d like to use.

4. In Steps 2 and 3 of 5, you’ll be able to alter the asset allocations and ETFs in the CNBC portfolios. If you don’t want to change anything in the CNBC portfolios, click “Next” at these steps and go to Step 4 of 5.

5. In Step 4 of 5, name your portfolio and enter the amount you want to invest so MarketRiders can calculate the number of shares you need to purchase of each ETF and email you a list.

6. Once you’ve purchased the ETFs, enter the costs into MarketRiders and you’ll receive an email notification when the actual allocations stray from the CNBC targets so you can then rebalance portfolio. On the dashboard, you can “Change Alert Settings” to make these alerts more or less frequent.

Read more about the CNBC portfolios here: