what is volatility

Volatility Can Be An Investor’s Best Friend

A thousands points up one day, a thousand points down the next. The return of volatility to the major U.S. stock indexes is unnerving for sure. But that doesn’t mean … Read more

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3 Money New Year’s Resolutions Anyone Can Keep

A year ends, another begins, and everyone tries to set off on the right foot with resolutions to get fit, save more, and spend more time with loved ones. We … Read more

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Nearing 50? Time To Get Serious About Retirement Investing

There’s no way around it. At 50, you’re officially in crunch time when it comes to retirement. A lifetime of money habits makes itself abundantly clear. Your financial future depends on … Read more

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basis point

Investor Facts: What Is A Basis Point?

A basis point is a mathematical term that means 1/100th of 1%. Basis points are a way to discuss hundredths of a percent. If you cut 1% into a hundred … Read more

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Frugality Is The First Step Toward Financial Success

You’ve probably hard that you should save more. And you’re heard that the best way is to “pay yourself first.” Paying yourself first is actually the easy part. If you … Read more

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long-term investing

Essentials of Powerful Long-Term Investing

“It takes money to make money.” You know the saying, but when it comes to investing the truth is a bit more complex. Yes, it takes initial capital to make an investment. … Read more

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How To Invest Money In Volatile Markets

Wondering how to invest money in volatile markets? The answer is disarmingly simple — don’t wonder, just invest. The reason why is market timing risk. People like to think that they can … Read more

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how to invest in stock

How To Invest In Stock For Retirement

A fundamental building block of a successful retirement portfolio is stocks. How to invest in stock, however, is a tricky question. Beginning investors are met with a range of possibilities, … Read more

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what is an index fund

What Is An Index Fund? Investing Basics

What is an index fund? The name implies the answer, but there are some fundamental concepts to understand before buying an index fund as an investment. For instance, while indexing … Read more

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what is investment management

What Is Investment Management? A Primer

Once you begin to save up a little money, the next step is to figure out how to invest it. There’s a strong case to be made for investing in … Read more

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