What Is The Best Age To Claim Social Security?

By one estimate, 10,000 Americans a day turn 65, a trend that will continue for more than a decade to come. So what is the best age to claim Social … Read more

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what is a recession

Investor Facts: What Is A Recession?

Investors often try to project the arrival of the next recession, fearing its effects on the stock market. But what is a recession? Plainly put, it’s a slowdown in economic … Read more

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insider trading

Investor Facts: What Is Insider Trading?

Insider trading is when someone with corporate information not yet known by the public trades a stock on the basis of that knowledge. Officers, directors and company employees often have … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is APR?

If you take out a loan for a new home or car or decide to open a new credit card, you likely have run into APR, which stands for annual … Read more

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moving average

Investor Facts: What Is A Moving Average?

A moving average is a statistical tool that smooths out the ups and downs of a given indicator over time. Investment analysts and economists often look at the changing value … Read more

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mark to market

Investor Facts: What Is Mark to Market?

Mark to market is an accounting standard that requires a company to state the value of its assets in immediate, daily terms. Most investors are used to thinking about their … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is Leverage?

Leverage is an investing term that describes the strategy of borrowing money to make an investment. Typically, this is done through a stock brokerage using what’s known as a margin … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is Alpha?

Alpha is a finance term which means how much an investment returns in excess of the market as a whole. There are many ways to think about the market as … Read more

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after-tax contribution

Investor Facts: What Is An After-Tax Contribution?

An after-tax contribution is exactly what it sounds like: Money put into a retirement plan after the contributor has paid income taxes on that money. Most people make contributions that … Read more

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withdrawal rate

Investor Facts: What Is A Withdrawal Rate?

Withdrawal rate is amount of money one can withdraw monthly or annually from a retirement investment portfolio without running out of money. The money in a retirement portfolio is there … Read more

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