How to Manage Your Investment Anxiety

As uncouth as it may be, worrying about one’s investments seems to be the order of the day. And it’s no wonder. As the markets careen to and fro, publications … Read more

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Did You Know That You Are Now Cool?

The renowned 70’s funk band, Tower of Power, raised the all-important question about “coolness” in their ’70’s hit “What is Hip?” “What is hip, tell me tell me if you … Read more

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Get Wall Street Out of Your Pocketbook by Removing the Intermediaries

Just when we thought we were through hearing about the Wall Street hooligans and their criminal vices our “untouchable” friends at Goldman Sachs made the news twice. The Wall Street … Read more

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From Warren Buffett: Advice Helpful for an IRA Rollover

Warren Buffett is our generation’s Benjamin Franklin, a humble billionaire full of great advice, quips and invaluable insights. While he never gives direct investment advice, one can gleen some helpful … Read more

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Active Investing by Money Managers Loses in Risk Study

Sam Mamudi of the Wall Street Journal deservingly poked money managers in the eye with his recent report on how such mangers underperformed indexes in both real and risk adjusted … Read more

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Stock Picking: In Today, Out Tomorrow — What Is One To Do?

Market timing, a well known term learned in Investing 101, is exciting and can be quite profitable yet stock picking is oftentimes very fickle and given how the tide shifts … Read more

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Index Funds: Part of a Winning Investment Strategy

In Fortune Magazine’s just released 2010 Investor’s Guide, investing in index funds is seen to be a winning strategy. One can build a portfolio with broad based index funds or … Read more

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