Buffett rebuffs gold, but inflation says ‘buy’

Buying gold is now accessible for all, but the sage of Omaha has spoken. Warren Buffett says gold is not an investment — it’s a speculation and does not belong … Read more

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Is It Time To Sell Your Stocks and Run For Cover?

When it comes to investing, it’s hard to know who to follow these days. Since September of 2009 the Vanguard Total U.S. Stock Fund index (VTSMX), is up 33.4%. The … Read more

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A Great Investing TIP

U.S. investors seem fixated on the S&P 500 and the Dow, as if they’re the only indicators that matter, when discussing the stock market. “Oh boy, the Dow was down … Read more

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How to Inflation Proof Your Portfolio With ETFs

Inflation is a sneaky pickpocket that slinks into your wallet in the form of higher prices on food, gas and other necessities, quietly robbing you of wealth. It’s the invisible … Read more

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Why You Should Buy U.S. Treasuries

When PIMCO Total Return (symbol PTTAX), the largest bond fund in the world, not only sells, but shorts—or bets against—treasuries, it is as if Moses has descended with tablets and … Read more

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How To Build Your Own Energy Portfolio

Oil prices recently broke $100 a barrel and the stock market tanked. Last week, Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke proclaimed that increasing commodity prices could negatively impact the U.S. recovery. … Read more

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ETF Basics: How to Invest in Emerging Markets

All MarketRiders portfolios include exposure to emerging market stocks. We want to explain more about this asset class. Stocks in companies in the 20 or so nations included in the … Read more

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Diversification Found with Multiple Asset Classes

Of the ‘7 mistakes fund investors make most’ revealed in Chuck Jaffe’s recent article in MoneyWatch, focusing too much on a fund, and not enough on the portfolio, brings to … Read more

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Asset Class Description: Emerging Market Stocks

Stocks in companies in the 30 or so “emerging” markets are dominated by Asia (predominantly Taiwan and Korea) at over 50%, Latin America (20%), Africa and the Middle East (20%) … Read more

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Asset Class Description: US Treasury Bonds

Perhaps the most core asset class any investor needs for diversification in an ETF portfolio are US Treasury Bonds. Owners of treasuries have an investment in a portion of the … Read more

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