Should You Have Alternative Investments In Your Portfolio?

So you have discovered the merits of dumping your high-priced money manger and his ineffective mutual funds in favor of low-cost index funds allocated across stocks, bonds, and cash. You … Read more

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Do You Pass the Investment Test?

Like a volcano, markets go through phases: they do very little and then suddenly they spit fiery lava. With new problems being introduced each day, be it Greek debt or … Read more

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Should You Use Currencies to Diversify?

Whether it’s the ancient Greeks quipping about moderation in all things or a mom telling her kids to eat their vegetables and not just Otter Pops, diversification in life is … Read more

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How to Invest for the Long Run

Well, we’re scared, but we ain’t shakin’ Kinda bent, but we ain’t breakin’ in the long run Ooh, I want to tell you, it’s a long run in the long … Read more

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Double Your Money With Compound Returns

The law of compound returns is a force of nature and understanding this concept is critical to your success as an investor. It is how the rich keep getting richer, … Read more

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Did You Know That You Are Now Cool?

The renowned 70’s funk band, Tower of Power, raised the all-important question about “coolness” in their ’70’s hit “What is Hip?” “What is hip, tell me tell me if you … Read more

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How Did Your Portfolio Perform?– Understanding Risk and Diversification

In competitive pursuits, there are established and transparent measurement systems to determine not just performance but how performance is achieved. In professional sports, a variety of statistics are used to … Read more

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I Believe, But Help Me In My Unbelief — Dealing With Market Volatility

A man having a religious crisis of faith initially spoke the famous words of this blogs subject line. He was acknowledging that with tough decisions, there is a continuum, not … Read more

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The big drop – did you yawn or did you freak?

On May 6th of last week, the markets shocked the world with a never-seen-before event – a 1000-point drop in a mere sixteen short minutes. During those brief moments and … Read more

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If You Are An Index Investor, Where Does Explore Investing Fit In?

In this week’s Forbes column, Rick Ferri asserts that “partial indexing works for Wall Street, not investors”. In this penetrating article, Rick ruthlessly uncovers Wall Street’s agenda is selling indexing … Read more

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