falling knife

Investor Facts: What Is A Falling Knife

A falling knife is investment that is falling rapidly in price. Investments such as stocks can be subject to unpredictable price swings. The breadth of those swings up and down … Read more

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index investing

Index Investing Protects You From Yourself

What’s the greatest risk to your investments and, ultimately, your retirement: A market crash? Economic calamity? No, it’s selling your investments once a market crash is under way. The data … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is Beta?

Beta is a measurement of an investment’s volatility compared to similar investments, such as a market index average. Investors and traders often talk about the “alpha” and the “beta” of … Read more

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retire rich

The Only Way To Retire Rich Is To Save

One person has $1 million in the bank, the other doesn’t have $1,000. Who is richer? You might automatically say, “Well, the millionaire.” And that’s right — until you consider … Read more

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account minimum

Investor Facts: What Is An Account Minimum?

An account minimum is the least amount of money or assets an investor must deposit in order to work with an advisory firm. Investment firms and mutual funds specify an … Read more

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stocks go up or down

It Doesn’t Matter If Stocks Go Up Or Down

Investing is an interesting endeavor. You buy an investment on the expectation of it going up. You then have to sell or you never realize the full benefit of waiting. … Read more

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automatic rebalancing

Investor Facts: What Is Automatic Rebalancing?

Automatic rebalancing is the automated buying and selling of investments in a portfolio. Many retirement-oriented investment plans offer automatic rebalancing. Automatic rebalancing means the portfolio periodically reverts to a specific … Read more

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Has The Stock Market Created A Risk Problem In Your Portfolio?

You hear a lot of rules of thumb on asset allocation. “Own your age in bonds” and similar ideas, usually meant to lower your risk from a sharp move downward … Read more

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fundamental analysis

Investor Facts: What Is Fundamental Analysis?

Fundamental analysis is a synonym for stock analysis, that is, the study of a company’s prospects as an investment. Investors who choose to purchase stocks can choose to buy broad … Read more

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strong investors

Five Things Mentally Strong Investors Do

Saving money is really tough, marathon-running tough for some people. The reason why, according to psychologists, is something called the “hedonic treadmill.” No, it’s not a training device for marathoners. … Read more

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