enterprise value

Investor Facts: What Is Enterprise Value?

Enterprise value is a calculation of a company’s total value in dollar terms. Figuring out what a company is “worth” can be difficult. Often, investors use market capitalization, the dollar … Read more

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retirement investments

Your Retirement Investments Are Only Half The Equation

Retirement investors often focus on “the number,” with good reason. How much you have saved and invested over the years will determine your retirement lifestyle for sure. If you have … Read more

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Investor Facts: What Is A Dividend?

A dividend is a periodic cash payment to shareholders of a company. Usually made quarterly, a dividend payment is a distribution of corporate profits. The number of shares an investor … Read more

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Bitcoin Might End Up In Your Portfolio…Someday

It has been hard to miss headlines about Bitcoin, an electronic form of money that has zoomed in value in recent months. The widely misunderstood alternative currency is not a … Read more

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cd ladder

Investor Facts: What Is A CD Ladder?

A CD ladder is a method of investing in certificates of deposit (CDs) that helps you earn some interest now while reducing the risk of missing higher rates later. CD issuers … Read more

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hire a financial advisor

Do You Need A Financial Advisor? How To Tell…

Saving for retirement is the easy part for most people, believe it or not. If you are in a job with a 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plan, your employer will … Read more

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bond duration

Investor Facts: What Is Bond Duration?

Bond duration is the length of time it takes for a bond to pay back an investor. Think of a bond as a loan, similar to a mortgage. If the … Read more

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take Social Security

Most Take Social Security Early. That’s A Mistake.

Fascinating data from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College shows that most people — both men and women — take Social Security benefits at 62. That’s the earliest … Read more

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capital gains

Investor Facts: What Is A Capital Gain?

A capital gain is a profit realized from the sale of an investment. Stock, bonds and other investments purchased at given price may be later sold at a higher price. … Read more

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stock market decline

When Will The Stock Market Decline, Finally?

We’re in the second-longest bull market in history, the most durable run since 1929. A bull market by definition is a slippery concept. Some observers look for stock returns higher … Read more

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