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Online Retirement Planning Is the Answer

What do online education, tax preparation, and online retirement planning have in common? More than you might think. Let’s start with the debate over online education. Over the past few … Read more

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Effect of Elections On Stocks? Keep Looking

What is the effect of elections on stocks? Is there any? Now that the dust has settled on the election-news extravaganza for 2012, you might be ready to get back … Read more

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individual investing mistake

The No. 1 Individual Investing Mistake

What’s the No. 1 individual investing mistake? Pride. Let me explain: Consider, for a moment, the world of professional athletes. If you ever get a chance to walk on a … Read more

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how Wall Street works

How Wall Street Works On Your Fears

One of the most effective marketing tactics on earth is the power of mystery. How Wall Street works is by playing on our deepest fears of inadequacy. Wrapped up in … Read more

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low stress investing

Low Stress Investing: Get More, and Relax

Here’s a low stress investing test: How often do you check your investments? Daily, weekly, every few months? Nonstop? (Admit it…) Investing in the markets can be unnerving, the urge to … Read more

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black swan

Black Swan Investing: How Not to Die

Which would you prefer, hurricanes or earthquakes? We’ll get to black swan investing shortly, but consider that question first. People who’ve lived through Florida’s storm season over the past few years … Read more

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passive investment portfolio basics

Passive Investment Portfolio Basics: 3 Questions

Building an effective passive investment portfolio is a mind game, much more so than you might think. Consider these three simple questions: What do you believe about investing? That, over time, … Read more

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the Sandwich Generation is getting squeezed

Sandwich Generation Gets Squeezed

Marketers love to pigeonhole us into neat little groups: soccer moms and NASCAR dads, Generation X and Y. The DINKs (Double Income No Kids) and the KIPPERS (Kids In Parents’ … Read more

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Investing for beginners meets the bull

Investing for Beginners (Yes, I Mean You…)

In my travels, I talk to a lot of people. Many of the folks I meet are brilliant at what they do. They share fascinating insights into their lives and … Read more

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Treasury bubble blowing up?

Treasury Bubble: What’s the Next Move?

We’ve heard all about the alleged Treasury bubble building up. I’m not here to predict that it will burst, or even to say that it exists. (Being passive investors, we … Read more

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