what is asset allocation

Investing Basics: What Is Asset Allocation?

Investment advisors often talk to their clients about “asset allocation” without much explanation. Too bad, because it’s worth your while as a retirement investor to understand what asset allocation is … Read more

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Yes, You Need An IRA — Probably Two

If you’re reading these words, I’d wager it’s because the headline piqued your interest. From that, it seems clear that you already know what an IRA is and think you … Read more

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stocks too high

Stocks Too High? Emotions Will Cost You

You might recently have seen headlines about the NASDAQ. The tech-centric stock market has broken through its previous all-time high, set back in the dot-com days. It soon fell right … Read more

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before you invest a cent

Before You Invest A Cent, Do This

How can you retire on time and be comfortable in retirement? By saving and investing, of course. But before you put away money in your retirement accounts, you absolutely need … Read more

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portfolio investing

Portfolio Investing: Climate, Not Weather

It has been a very, very cold few months, particularly in New England. Boston is buried in snow. Niagara Falls has frozen over. Even the South is getting hit with … Read more

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right mix of investments

What’s The Right Mix Of Investments For Me?

Retirement investors often struggle with understanding the right mix of investments for their goals. And that’s understandable. If investing were easy anybody could do it, right? Wall Street takes full … Read more

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Basics: When ETFs Beat Index Funds

It’s a bit of inside baseball in the money management world, but some advisors lean toward using index funds for their clients and some prefer exchange-traded funds (ETFs). We use … Read more

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investing secret weapon

Your Investing Secret Weapon Is Time

It seems like 99% of the financial pages on the Internet are devoted to a single idea — that you can beat the market just by owning the right stocks at the … Read more

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hedge fund

Hedge Fund Chief: ‘Sorry’ For Losing It All

It’s one of those rare moments of humility on Wall Street, a placed where “indicted but never convicted” is a badge of honor. A hedge fund chief who lost all … Read more

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beating the market

Beating The Market? Why That’s Bad News

The billionaire investor Warren Buffett is a highly quotable figure, but perhaps the most revealing of his many statements on money management is also his funniest: “You only find out … Read more

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